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Morning Musings

And then there come some moments in your life when you feel so happy and so contented with all that you have. It was just another morning when my kids and I were on the way to the bus stop to go to school. And waiting in the bus stop were lots of friends of my kids. By the time, we reached the school, we were joined by a lot more friends and they were all happily laughing and chatting and walking to school. This sort of a right environment and a good set of friends was what I was craving for all these years during my stay in Singapore. Of course, it is never going to be as happy as being in Madras, but this, at least, is enough for me for now.

The whole day I was feeling so happy and it was on that evening that my daughter came back from school humming, ‘Sare ke sare’ 🙂 It was a beautiful day, indeed!


Sa Re Ke Sa Re Ga Ma Ko Lekar

Returning from school, as we were getting down from the bus, my daughter started singing, ‘Sa Re Ke Sa Re Ga Ma Ko Lekar’ and I immediately joined in ‘Gaate Chale. Papa Nahi Hai’ before my daughter reminded me, ‘You shouldn’t sing!’ Oops but I was so happy hearing this song after a loooong time that I forgot that I shouldn’t sing now. All through that day, my daughter kept humming this song that she had learnt in school just that day.

This beautiful old Hindi film song from the movie ‘Parichay’ is one of my favourite songs. The tune is happy, the video is nice too – all children having loads of fun. Both my kids loved watching it later on YouTube.

The Cluster of Pink

Rain in Singapore is generally an almost everyday happening. I remember Feb-Mar last year had relatively less rains than the rest of the year. But this year, it has been even worse. There has been a continuous dry spell for several weeks now. I didn’t realize the full impact of it till I went to Botanic Gardens last week, which, by the way, is one of my most favourite places in Singapore.
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Yet another belated hello from Singapore!

So much has happened since the last time I wrote here, which, by the way, was almost 4 months back. Even as I thought of writing something here, I felt as though I was going to update an old friend whom I was meeting after a long time. So to all those of you who still check for an update in my blog, here is all that happened with my life.

Sometime in November/December, back at work, even as the hunt for a position in Singapore was on and the wait to know if I would get any kept on getting extended, I finally decided that I will resign my job and take a break from work. I had always been hesitant about leaving my daughter in a day care full time. Once I go to Singapore, studying for my Masters degree and all the household work would keep me fully occupied during all those scarce free moments that I can get away from my daughter. Let me enjoy this beautiful mazhalai-pechu phase of childhood of my daughter, was the thought.
January 10th turned out to be my last day at work. It was with a heavy heart that I bid adieu to my workplace of the last seven and a half years. Though I am happy with the decision, I still do miss my workplace sometimes. After all, it is that campus which saw me evolving from a carefree fresher right out of college to what I am today.

I came to Singapore on January 19th and life since then has been revolving around Sahana, the play areas, cooking, cleaning, the weekend outings with my husband, studying and not to forget, battling with cockroaches. 🙁

How’re things going on for you all?

Sunny Day

I love the first sunny day post rainy days. The birds come out of hiding chirping loudly, the wet/cold clothes finally get back to being fully dry, the roads start drying up, the body comes out of the lazy feeling which the rains bring with it, the song playing changes from the cozy ‘Moongil Thottam’ to the peppy ‘Hello Mister Edhir Katchi’. Did you notice how Harini carries off the two contrasting songs with ease? She is one favourite singer of mine. What is the song that you’re listening to on this sunny Wednesday?

Bitter words

I have changed. When I know things are not going to go my way, even though I know that what I am asking for is reasonable, I don’t argue anymore, for I am least interested in hearing bitter words being exchanged. I wonder how I could change like that.

Maybe things have changed and there won’t be bitter words anymore. But some memories refuse to fade away.

How true the classic ThirukkuraL ‘theeyinal suTTa puN uLLaarum, aaradhe naavinaal suTTa vaDu’ is!

Poovukkenna Poottu

From just a single female voice singing ‘poovukenna pooTTu kaaRRukkenna’ with a very soft background music, the percussion slowly starts joining in and the song slows starts picking its pace.

Even as you sit back and enjoy the song and join in singing ‘gulla gulla halla gulla’, you never expect it to change track and launch into those inspiring words sung with an equally inspiring musical arrangements

kaaNat thane kaNgaL kaNNeer sindha illai
maegangaL maNvizhundhu kaayangaL aanadhillai
vaazhatthaane vaazhkkai veezhvadharkku illa

The beautiful flute making an appearance now and then with lovely interludes too, Rahman’s power-packed singing, the unexpected baby’s crying, the climatic finish starting off with the singing by a whole lot of singers, continuing with flute and ending on a high with just an awesome percussion makes every moment of this song have happiness, celebration and vibrancy written all over it.

paaDa thaane nenjam mounam enna enna
aasaikku rakkai kaTTi paTTam viTTu aaDa viDu
vellat thane veeram kolvadharkku illai
kaiyODu kai sertthu vaanatthai thoTTu viDu

The colorful picturization of the ending of the song captures the mood of the song so perfectly!


This is THE song to turn to for celebrating life for sure!