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I wait for the words to pour out, but the mind is blank. Words refuse to come. About which new happening will you write which hasn’t been already written about? About what will you rant and whine which you haven’t done already? I ask myself all these and more and let silence continue to dwell here….

Happy Birthday, My Blog!

Dear Blog,

Today, as you complete 11 years, I wish you a very happy birthday, my blog! I had neglected you for quite a few years in between, but I am happy that I have again started writing here. You gave me a whole lot of good friends and acquaintances. You made me enjoy sharing my life, views and interests with the world out there. (Let’s not think about the number of readers now 😉 ) Thank you, blog! Happy Birthday once again.

Dear Readers,

Thanks a lot for reading my blog and a big thanks for all those erstwhile regular readers who take the time to check the blog even now.

The Blog Comments

I have just been out of touch with my blog, comment, comment moderation, etc. that I didn’t even see that some of you have been kind enough to leave your comments here and they have all been pending moderation! Thanks, folks! I will get the comment moderation and everything back in track tomorrow. And, hey, did I tell you that it does feel good to receive comments even today, just like it did back then? Thanks a lot for reading my blog!

Nostalgic and Happy

It’s now almost 11:30 pm here and I should be asleep by now. But tonight is one of those nights sleep eludes me. (Remind me not to keep reminding my daughter every few minutes that she should sleep even when she protests that she is just not feeling sleepy.)

It happened mainly because sleep was eluding my daughter too and she kept talking to me. Nowadays, lengthy conversations are a rarity to me because of my throat problems. But in a hope that my daughter would fall asleep I started talking something as a substitute of bedtime story and before I knew it, I was telling her all about how I finally started driving the car on my own after almost 6 years of learning it on and off.

Along with that conversation came back all thoughts of all my dreams, desires, life and my blog too. After all, my blog was where I wrote about my passions and some of my thoughts. I reread a few old posts of mine. I just couldn’t remember the exact month in 2009 when I had finally overcome my fear of driving to a great extent. A search through my blog gave me the answer, reminded me of all the wonderful friends and acquaintances that I made through this blog and in general, made me feel so happy.

Here I am, fresh and happy, typing away all that comes to the mind.

A last try

This March began with me pondering about a lot of things – well, it’s another fact that I do a lot of pondering nowadays about a lot of things. Call it the usual procrastination or being real busy, I just couldn’t bring myself to type these few words here the last couple of days.

I realized that I am sailing in the same boat as I was ten years ago. Back then, I wasn’t satisfied with the kind of projects that I got to work on in my office. There was always this aspiration to work on something more challenging which just wasn’t happening. I channeled all my thoughts to this blog, penned a lot about all my interests, hobbies and opinions and in the end, got not just the satisfaction of enjoying this blogging, but also made a lot of good friends and acquaintances.

Today, I have finally identified the niche area in which I want to specialize in and already have adequate work experience in it and a Masters degree too in it and above all, I am really passionate about this subject as well – Geographic Information System (GIS). I have just started hunting for something like freelancing or part-time opportunities in this field.

On the personal front, I have to tell you that it is no cake walk managing two young kids and doing all the household work too in parallel. The constant stress of having to clean up the vessels in the ever-piling sink full of dishes and the specks of dirt and dust everywhere waiting to be cleaned up and not to forget the bathrooms which require regular cleaning up has only resulted in my stress levels in the recent times being on the increasing side. Ironically, despite being a stay-at-home-mom, I would say that I just don’t get enough time to play and have fun with my kids.

In the coming months, I am seriously going to practice two things – improving my patience levels and not letting my stress rub off on others around me. I also hope to soon find something related to GIS to work on.

As I start my quest for bringing about some positive changes in my life, it is to my blog that I again turn to. In the last few years, every time this domain was up for renewal, I kept having a thought of not renewing it. The next few months will be my last try in attempting to revive my blogging, failing which I will definitely shut down this blog.

For old times sake

Sitting in front of the laptop at 4 in the morning with a cup of coffee in hand, here I am pondering over life, the upcoming trip to Madras and above all, the frustration at my Masters degree just not getting completed! Instead of getting the PPT to be prepared out of the way or trying to accomplish that dream of completing all the routine cooking-washing-hanging/folding-clothes before 7 in the morning at least once, I suddenly felt this urge to write something here. Just for the sake of those good old days.

I remember how much I used to enjoy putting my thoughts into words, interacting with the readers (Ah those initial days of eagerly waiting for comments for every post!), blog hopping all the time hoping to find yet another interesting blog. I remember how much of a good diversion blogging was during some of the frustrating moments of life.

Today I hardly see any of the blogs which were active back then still being active. Is it because, just like me, they too have had a shift of priorities in life and don’t find the time or the mood to write anything or have they just plain lost interest in blogging in itself?


3 yrs!

2006 was a year that was filled with loads of happy, unforgettable memories and happenings. Among the numerous good things that happened to me in that year, my blog is also one. 3 years it has been since I finally decided to give blogging a try after putting an end to thoughts of what I will have to write/blog about. And today I owe each one of you a very big thank you for making my blog one of the things I feel good about at the end of the day. And a big thanks to my blog too for giving me some wonderful friends and acquaintances. Here’s to more ARR’s music, Mani Ratnam’s movies, Sanjay’s & TMK’s singing, sunrise/sunsets 😛 ! 🙂 Happy Birthday, my blog! 🙂

1,00,000 hits! Yay!

The past few days have been quite busy ones and it was only today that I checked my blog stats after quite a few days and guess what the blog hits was? 1,00,681! Thank you my dear readers! 🙂 Btw, my old blog hits is also slowly but steadily, marching towards 1,00,000 (It’s now 91,256). After all, that blog is the one that gets displayed right on the first page when you do a Google search for ‘Alaipayuthey’. 😀 I saw that only today and I can’t tell you how happy I am. 🙂 I don’t really know whether I am more happy about the one lakh hits or about this. 😉