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New School Uniform

As I collected my daughter’s new uniforms for her next academic year yesterday, I felt a wave of nostalgia. Of a longing for all those happy, carefree school days. Seeing the excitement on my daughter’s face while trying out her new uniforms, I remembered my own excitement. About how the summer vacations were always synonymous with getting new uniforms, getting new school books, covering them and choosing and sticking labels on each of them. And how each one of them seemed to be an important and exciting activity to both my sister and me. We both enjoyed going to school and rarely took leave. My daughter has taken after us and hates taking even a single day leave.

The smell of crisp, new clothes and new books, the excitement among the kids as each one got to find out which ‘House’ in their school they were assigned to, the cramped up room housing the new uniforms and books, the staff busy answering the queries of one parent and helping the other one get their new uniforms – the busy atmosphere always seen during these times in schools! It did bring back a lot of pleasant memories!

Back then, we never cared about new beginnings or taking a much-needed break for rejuvenating yourself for new beginnings! Starting primary school or joining a new school or the onset of holidays were just a part of life. Nobody around you kept talking about weekend or vacation plans. Nobody felt the need to document any thoughts, memories or opinions! Was there Facebook or WhatsApp back then?!

A last try

This March began with me pondering about a lot of things – well, it’s another fact that I do a lot of pondering nowadays about a lot of things. Call it the usual procrastination or being real busy, I just couldn’t bring myself to type these few words here the last couple of days.

I realized that I am sailing in the same boat as I was ten years ago. Back then, I wasn’t satisfied with the kind of projects that I got to work on in my office. There was always this aspiration to work on something more challenging which just wasn’t happening. I channeled all my thoughts to this blog, penned a lot about all my interests, hobbies and opinions and in the end, got not just the satisfaction of enjoying this blogging, but also made a lot of good friends and acquaintances.

Today, I have finally identified the niche area in which I want to specialize in and already have adequate work experience in it and a Masters degree too in it and above all, I am really passionate about this subject as well – Geographic Information System (GIS). I have just started hunting for something like freelancing or part-time opportunities in this field.

On the personal front, I have to tell you that it is no cake walk managing two young kids and doing all the household work too in parallel. The constant stress of having to clean up the vessels in the ever-piling sink full of dishes and the specks of dirt and dust everywhere waiting to be cleaned up and not to forget the bathrooms which require regular cleaning up has only resulted in my stress levels in the recent times being on the increasing side. Ironically, despite being a stay-at-home-mom, I would say that I just don’t get enough time to play and have fun with my kids.

In the coming months, I am seriously going to practice two things – improving my patience levels and not letting my stress rub off on others around me. I also hope to soon find something related to GIS to work on.

As I start my quest for bringing about some positive changes in my life, it is to my blog that I again turn to. In the last few years, every time this domain was up for renewal, I kept having a thought of not renewing it. The next few months will be my last try in attempting to revive my blogging, failing which I will definitely shut down this blog.

The stereotyped society

My kids and I landed today morning in Singapore, but my husband is leaving from Madras only tonight. All through any conversation related to my vacation be it among my friends or relatives, I had to always say that’s how we got the tickets and we were okay with it. Yes there is no denying that it would be difficult for a few minutes for me when I will have to manage the luggage and two kids, especially considering the fact that I am a bit clumsy and to me, pushing a trolley without struggling itself is a big thing 😛 And not to forget the fact that I would have to come back to a house locked for several weeks, which means it was going to require cleaning up instantly.

What surprised me today morning was when the taxi driver asked me where is your husband when he saw me with two small kids and two big suitcases! He had several questions like is your husband working in Singapore, why isn’t he here and when he saw the little one asleep when we reached my apartment, he asked how will you carry the baby, the backpacks and the luggage!

Well, in the larger scheme of life, managing these for just a few minutes doesn’t really seem like a big thing to me. And guess what, for the first time, I managed all these so easily without struggling for even a second while pushing the trolley or while arranging the suitcases in the trolley. My little ones, as always, were so helpful all the while. The crying from them and the whining  from me would begin only later after the effect of sleepless night and exhaustion takes them (as well as me 😉 ) over tomorrow.

As I while away my time….

Ever since I resigned my job in January 2014, there have been several people – from close relatives to strangers, who have been asking me how do you pass your time all day! When I tell them I am a SAHM (Stay-At-Home-Mom – the new trendy abbreviation to use for a homemaker with kids, in case you didn’t know) who doesn’t how every single day passes by like a blink of an eye, some understood what crazy lifestyle it would be with little babies and doing all the household chores without help, but some didn’t.

It was just about 9 hours ago that my flight landed in Singapore after more than 2 hours delay in departure time. After spending a sleepless night in Madras airport, here I am sitting bleary-eyed and exhausted and typing away all that comes to my mind even as my home looks all messy and cluttered. Yes there are dishes to be done, floor to be swept and wiped, clothes to be washed. But a time like this when both the kids are sleeping during day time is a rarity and I don’t feel like clearing the clutter outside first without clearing the clutter within my mind. Writing has always been therapeutic for me during the last decade of my life.


On December 26th, 2016, I started writing the words “The hands itch to write about the wonderful vacation that I have been having the last few weeks – a vacation filled with several trips, a couple of Sanjay’s kutcheris, shopping,” As usual, I never got around to writing beyond this – call it lack of time or lack of motivation or just plain writer’s block!

Then, things took an about turn and suddenly, this vacation became too tiring. However, I will always continue to cherish the best parts of this vacation.

Happy New Year!

Wishing you all a very happy new year!

Well, I do belong to the category which says what’s the big deal in a new year, you can start afresh any time you want to, you can start working on a resolution, personal or professional, at any point of time you want to and need not really wait for the date to change to begin something new. But, today, at this juncture of my life, the start of the new year has just coincided with several of new beginnings in my life – the much-awaited impending move to another house in Singapore, the start of a new school for my daughter, adapting myself to the new neighbourhood and several other personal goals. I welcome 2017 with open arms and more importantly, an open mind, all set to embrace the new beginnings it is going to bring with it. Here’s wishing it is filled with more positives than negatives!

For old times sake

Sitting in front of the laptop at 4 in the morning with a cup of coffee in hand, here I am pondering over life, the upcoming trip to Madras and above all, the frustration at my Masters degree just not getting completed! Instead of getting the PPT to be prepared out of the way or trying to accomplish that dream of completing all the routine cooking-washing-hanging/folding-clothes before 7 in the morning at least once, I suddenly felt this urge to write something here. Just for the sake of those good old days.

I remember how much I used to enjoy putting my thoughts into words, interacting with the readers (Ah those initial days of eagerly waiting for comments for every post!), blog hopping all the time hoping to find yet another interesting blog. I remember how much of a good diversion blogging was during some of the frustrating moments of life.

Today I hardly see any of the blogs which were active back then still being active. Is it because, just like me, they too have had a shift of priorities in life and don’t find the time or the mood to write anything or have they just plain lost interest in blogging in itself?


A mother of two

Hey my dear forgotten blog! Every time I listen to the songs and the addictive BGM of OK Kanmani, my hands itch to type a post here. But, as always, that seems to be the least-priority task to me. Life has seen so many changes since I last wrote here, guess when, more than a year back! Did I tell you that I now have a 5-month old son? I spent the first half of this year in Madras and have been back in Singapore since July.

It is a tired and crazy life here having to take care of and play with both the children, do all the routine household chores and above all, try to find the time to work on my thesis, the completion of which would mark the completion of my Masters degree. On most days, I just don’t find the time or energy to sit and study. How wish I had studied back in those carefree days instead of whiling away the time blogging and reading blogs. 😉

It is a life full of deadlines now, having to cook before the daughter becomes hungry, getting her ready to leave for school on time, wash and get the little son’s clothes dry on time before he runs out of nappies, finish as much work as possible before the little one wakes up from his nap, keep the daughter engaged with something till the little one wakes up lest she disturbs his sleep and so on….and above all, that important deadline of my thesis!

But, at the end of the day, when I see the two beautiful little ones smiling, I feel so happy and blessed.

I’ve already spent way too much time than I can afford on this post. See you later, hopefully, sometime soon, my blog!