Alaipayuthey Nostalgia!

I saw this snapshot from Alaipayuthey posted in a group with the caption ‘Karthik and Shakthi had their mudhal sanDai (first fight)’.

To me, Alaipayuthey will always remain synonymous with that happy, carefree phase of life. As I was telling my children the other day, being the grownup adult is no fun!

2 thoughts on “Alaipayuthey Nostalgia!

  1. vasanth

    Very true! being grown up adult is not fun.

    Jus want to say that i am reading ur blog from 2011:P. Accidentally found ur blog and started following it..just thought of tell this today.GB

  2. KB

    even i come from the same era..where the sight of madhavan on a bike in blue shirt melted the heart..and yes being a adult is no almost on the verge of insanity with two kids, tantrums, monitoring screen times, yelling and just a little relaxing time.I just hope that schools reopen and life comes to normalcy.Then i guess i will worry to death about the viruses.


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