Nostalgic and Happy

It’s now almost 11:30 pm here and I should be asleep by now. But tonight is one of those nights sleep eludes me. (Remind me not to keep reminding my daughter every few minutes that she should sleep even when she protests that she is just not feeling sleepy.)

It happened mainly because sleep was eluding my daughter too and she kept talking to me. Nowadays, lengthy conversations are a rarity to me because of my throat problems. But in a hope that my daughter would fall asleep I started talking something as a substitute of bedtime story and before I knew it, I was telling her all about how I finally started driving the car on my own after almost 6 years of learning it on and off.

Along with that conversation came back all thoughts of all my dreams, desires, life and my blog too. After all, my blog was where I wrote about my passions and some of my thoughts. I reread a few old posts of mine. I just couldn’t remember the exact month in 2009 when I had finally overcome my fear of driving to a great extent. A search through my blog gave me the answer, reminded me of all the wonderful friends and acquaintances that I made through this blog and in general, made me feel so happy.

Here I am, fresh and happy, typing away all that comes to the mind.

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