3 yrs!

2006 was a year that was filled with loads of happy, unforgettable memories and happenings. Among the numerous good things that happened to me in that year, my blog is also one. 3 years it has been since I finally decided to give blogging a try after putting an end to thoughts of what I will have to write/blog about. And today I owe each one of you a very big thank you for making my blog one of the things I feel good about at the end of the day. And a big thanks to my blog too for giving me some wonderful friends and acquaintances. Here’s to more ARR’s music, Mani Ratnam’s movies, Sanjay’s & TMK’s singing, sunrise/sunsets 😛 ! 🙂 Happy Birthday, my blog! 🙂

17 thoughts on “3 yrs!

  1. Sathej

    One of the first blogs I ever started following. Congrats 🙂 Been a pleasure to have been a reader of posts all these days..posts of every kind – the moon, sunrises and so on. The change from WordPress and what not 🙂 And one blog where I look forward to updates with considerable interest every now and then. Keep writing.. 🙂


  2. S. Krishnamoorthy

    Best and warm wishes!
    Have you heard the recital of Ms Maalavika, an upcoming vocal artiste? I heard her singing in Raga Sudha Hall on 17th. A disciple of Anantalakshmi Satagopan, she displayed ample talents. Her aalapana of Mohanam was superb. A girl of 18 or so, her voice is melliflous and her adherence to tala was excellent. A lot of “pedda reddys” (a.ka. sangeetha acharyas) was present and heard her. One day, she will be one of the foremost singers of Carnatic Music, I am sure.
    I would love to see your impressions of her, as and when you hear her.
    S. Krishnamoorthy

  3. sreekrishnan

    Congrats … your blog has certainly enlightened people like me – who know nothing on Carnatic music. Practically i didnt know a person by name Sanjay Subhramanyam existed until i started reading your blog.

    Good to be here !

  4. pradeep

    Hey congrats,

    A very well organized blog, I too am a very big fan of the Great A R Rahman . Keep your work going on for still more years. All The best!

  5. Aparna

    Thanks a lot! 🙂

    Belated welcome to my blog! 🙂

    Welcome to my blog!

    S. Krishnamoorthy,
    Oh I haven’t listened to her. I’ll try to go for one of her concerts during the season

    Glad to know that 🙂

    Welcome to my blog!

  6. blueapple

    hey aparna,

    just wanted to hear the songs from kannathil muthamittal and clicked on to you tube and then , came acroos your blog!!! it is very interesting.. ur random thoughts are so easily written!!kudos and i liked the way u hv said happy birthday to your blog.great work.


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