The Cluster of Pink

Rain in Singapore is generally an almost everyday happening. I remember Feb-Mar last year had relatively less rains than the rest of the year. But this year, it has been even worse. There has been a continuous dry spell for several weeks now. I didn’t realize the full impact of it till I went to Botanic Gardens last week, which, by the way, is one of my most favourite places in Singapore.

The lush green lawns had become all dry and brown.

Water had got dried up and a pond there had reduced water level.

But the sunny weather hadn’t stopped the kids and the birds from having a great time near the pond.

Amidst all the dull brown, there were these beautiful pink flowers which caught my eye.

I just loved this colourful burst of pink. The flowers do look really lovely, don’t they? Like a sudden burst of hope and cheer amidst all the dullness?

P.S.: We didn’t visit the entire garden, which happens to spread through several hectares, but just some stretches near the entrance near MRT Station and that stretch doesn’t have many flowering plants. The more colourful flowers, including the orchids, would be in full bloom further away from this place.

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