Yet another belated hello from Singapore!

So much has happened since the last time I wrote here, which, by the way, was almost 4 months back. Even as I thought of writing something here, I felt as though I was going to update an old friend whom I was meeting after a long time. So to all those of you who still check for an update in my blog, here is all that happened with my life.

Sometime in November/December, back at work, even as the hunt for a position in Singapore was on and the wait to know if I would get any kept on getting extended, I finally decided that I will resign my job and take a break from work. I had always been hesitant about leaving my daughter in a day care full time. Once I go to Singapore, studying for my Masters degree and all the household work would keep me fully occupied during all those scarce free moments that I can get away from my daughter. Let me enjoy this beautiful mazhalai-pechu phase of childhood of my daughter, was the thought.
January 10th turned out to be my last day at work. It was with a heavy heart that I bid adieu to my workplace of the last seven and a half years. Though I am happy with the decision, I still do miss my workplace sometimes. After all, it is that campus which saw me evolving from a carefree fresher right out of college to what I am today.

I came to Singapore on January 19th and life since then has been revolving around Sahana, the play areas, cooking, cleaning, the weekend outings with my husband, studying and not to forget, battling with cockroaches. 🙁

How’re things going on for you all?

2 thoughts on “Yet another belated hello from Singapore!

  1. LG

    Good to see you back I the blog. A break is something that you require from time to time..and as you said, this is a precious age for the little one. Enjoy it to the max.


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