Poovukkenna Poottu

From just a single female voice singing ‘poovukenna pooTTu kaaRRukkenna’ with a very soft background music, the percussion slowly starts joining in and the song slows starts picking its pace.

Even as you sit back and enjoy the song and join in singing ‘gulla gulla halla gulla’, you never expect it to change track and launch into those inspiring words sung with an equally inspiring musical arrangements

kaaNat thane kaNgaL kaNNeer sindha illai
maegangaL maNvizhundhu kaayangaL aanadhillai
vaazhatthaane vaazhkkai veezhvadharkku illa

The beautiful flute making an appearance now and then with lovely interludes too, Rahman’s power-packed singing, the unexpected baby’s crying, the climatic finish starting off with the singing by a whole lot of singers, continuing with flute and ending on a high with just an awesome percussion makes every moment of this song have happiness, celebration and vibrancy written all over it.

paaDa thaane nenjam mounam enna enna
aasaikku rakkai kaTTi paTTam viTTu aaDa viDu
vellat thane veeram kolvadharkku illai
kaiyODu kai sertthu vaanatthai thoTTu viDu

The colorful picturization of the ending of the song captures the mood of the song so perfectly!


This is THE song to turn to for celebrating life for sure!

2 thoughts on “Poovukkenna Poottu

  1. Gayathri

    Hey Aparna,

    So glad to see you are still blogging 🙂 and thanks so much for reminding me of this song. It is one of my favorites songs and just makes my heart soar 🙂

    Anyway we need to catch up soon!!!


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