Morning Musings

And then there come some moments in your life when you feel so happy and so contented with all that you have. It was just another morning when my kids and I were on the way to the bus stop to go to school. And waiting in the bus stop were lots of friends of my kids. By the time, we reached the school, we were joined by a lot more friends and they were all happily laughing and chatting and walking to school. This sort of a right environment and a good set of friends was what I was craving for all these years during my stay in Singapore. Of course, it is never going to be as happy as being in Madras, but this, at least, is enough for me for now.

The whole day I was feeling so happy and it was on that evening that my daughter came back from school humming, ‘Sare ke sare’ 🙂 It was a beautiful day, indeed!


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