Saramati RTP!!!

Sanjay Subrahmanyan – Vocal
M.R.Gopinath – Volin
Tumkur Ravishankar – Mridangam
N.Govindarajan – Ghatam

Where & When? – P.S.B.B. School (Bharat Kalachar) on 18th December

Concert Duration: 3 hrs

List of Songs:
1. varnam – bEgaDa
2. hanumAne – malayamArutam – swarams at hanumAne
3. enna puNNiyam – husEni – Alapana
4. rAma ninnu vinA – sankarAbharaNam – Alapana; neraval at nannu rakshimpa norula gAna rAma ninnu vina; swarams at rAma ninnu vina/ sItA rAma ninnu vinA
5. paramapAvana rAma – pUrvi kalyANi – Alapana; swarams at chittaswaram (P,NDMG); tani Avartanam
6. innamum tAmadam En – dEvamanOhari – outline
7. RTP – sAramati
Pallavi: kandanai vandanai sei maname tandaiyAi tAyAi vandaruLum – kaNDa triputa – swarams in nATTakurunji, bilahari, paTdeep
8. uppum karpUramum (viruttam) followed by innamum oru talam – behAg
9. kulam tarum (viruttam) followed by nArAyaNanai tudippOm– kOmalAngi
10. mangaLam – sowrAshtram

To begin with, I missed the first half an hour of the concert! 🙁 I reached just in time for the sankarAbharaNam AlApana. My sister tells me the Huseni AlApana was too good!

Though the sankarAbharaNam (liked the neraval very much) and pUrvikalyANi were great, it was only the sAramati RTP (esp. the taanam and swarams) that was the best part of this concert! But, compared to the concert at Mudhra on the previous day, this concert definitely wasn’t up to that level. Sanjay’s voice sounded a bit strained in a few places. The two tukkadas in the end replete with viruttams were, as usual, good.

Had I not attended the Mudhra concert and an equally awesome concert at German Hall on the next day, I guess I would have raved even more about this concert. 😉 (That’s why I shouldn’t postpone writing the posts!)

Btw, for those who read this post of Sanjay, let me tell you that actor ARS had come for this concert and as you can see from the list above, Sanjay sang the kOmalAngi song. 😉

5 thoughts on “Saramati RTP!!!

  1. Dandilsa

    I just finished watching the Jaya TV concert..They mercilessly cut off Oh Kalame 🙁 Sigh! Was trying to find you in the audience though I have no clue how you look 😛

  2. Sathej

    Oh thats nice..what Talam was the Pallavi in? I would have liked it to be something other than a regular Adi Talam one. But I don’t think I could have sat through this concert just because of Parama Pavana – have already heard it 3 times this season!! 🙂 And this Swarams at Chitta Swarams turns me off. It doesn’t make much sense to me, as it was discussed in detail once at a lec dem. In this case, the composer himself wrote the Chitta Swarams if I am not mistaken and atleast then singing Swarams at the Chitta Swaram is ok. But there are instances when its done in Thyagarajar Krithis where evidently the Chitta Swarams were composed by somebody else. And singing Swarams at Chitta Swarams in such cases is simply irrelevant in my opinion. An exception would be the song Nada Tanumanisham by Thyagarajar where the Sahithyam itself contains SRGMPDN and there are people who sing Chitta Swaram there. Thats quite ok.


  3. Aparna

    I know! Even tunbam negayil wasn’t shown fully

    LOL! Anyway, they didn’t show me 😉 I was sitting in one of the last few rows

    it was in kanda triputa

  4. Karthik Ramanan

    Saramathi RTP must have been great! Its a beautiful ragam and i am sure sanjay would have done great justice to it! Hope you had a chance to listen to V S Narasimhan’s Mokshamu in Saramathy. If not

    I am really missing the December season. Thanks for giving us a few updates. This year i had to chance to listen to sanjay’s concert live and in that he sang Oho Kalame! Iam looking for that song. Do you have any link for that? They have cut that song in Marghazhi Mahautsavam 2008!

    You had also mentioned about Ranjani Gayatri’s concert being a little boring. That was really surprising to me because their concerts i have listened to have been really good. Also over the couple of years there has been a great improvement in their renditions. Maybe was just that concert…anyway just a thought…

  5. Aparna

    Welcome to my blog!

    Sanjay indeed did complete justice to Saramati. I haven’t listened to V.S.Narasimhan’s Mokshamu. Shall chk it out soon. Thanks for the link.

    I think it should be there in Shall search & let you know.

    Maybe it was just me who found their concert boring 🙂


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