It’s Friday! Yay! ;)

Waking up feeling so fresh (this is surely not a thing that happens often on a working day 😛 ), with Dad deciding to drop me at office, me happily listening to Sanjay’s Padmanabha CD (had a tough time choosing between Ghajini and Padmanabha!) and enjoying a beautiful sunrise on the way 🙂 , reaching office in record 20 min!, this day couldn’t have had a better beginning! And with a Sanjay’s concert today evening and a whole lot of concerts/lec-dems, including a concert of Sanjay, lined up during the weekend, the next couple of days is surely going to be even better with me doing a lot of sabha-hopping! Just thinking about it has got me even more charged up that I cannot wait to finish my work soon and leave!

Btw, this morning, yet again, I started feeling that it’s high time I started driving the car. 😐 It would be great coming to office in your own vehicle without having to hurriedly get ready every morning worrying all the time about missing the bus! And with good music for company, it would be even great!

11 thoughts on “It’s Friday! Yay! ;)

  1. Prasanna

    Hi Aparna,

    Can’t believe you didn’t wake up feeling good about yesterday’s Sanjay concert @ BK!!:) Came here expecting another eulogy…why no moochu about it??Didn’t even Rashmi’s customary speech inspire???:))


  2. R Sathyamurthy

    Driving a car can be a good thing especially listening to music in the Car. I personally feel car stereos are acoustically much better than even home stereos. One reason could that the car stereos produce the sound in a very small area and within a closed environ – assuming your car is also Air Conditioned 🙂

    As for buying a new car it might please the car companies if someone wants to buy a new car what with all the economic slump and car makers feeling the heat. You may get it cheaper now. Fuel costs may also come down making your running costs lower.

    Its a new thing in India to see fuel prices coming down, we have only seen it go one way – up!

    But the only thing to consider is money outlay. When there is some one to do Car Seva 🙂 for you why worry about driving a car and posing a traffic hazard to innocent fellow-drivers!

  3. Sowmya

    Fridays r always special, that too with the thought in mind that its weekend! And more for u, as u have these amazing concerts in line…I was telling my husband just yesterday that adutha janmam nu onnu iruntha I shud be in madras, so that i dont miss alll this season’s magic 🙂

  4. sangs

    Just makes me want to get back to Chennai and soak up the sun and the so called winter and attend kutcheris without knowing a thing about carnatic hoo …i suddenly miss singaara chennai ,so much I could cry :-((

  5. Aparna

    Needless to say, ‘Padmanabha’ is excellent!!

    Would that speech inspire anyone? 😉 Anyway, you would have got your answer in the next post for why there was no eulogy 😉

    >>Why worry about driving a car and posing a traffic hazard to innocent fellow-drivers!


    All the songs are my fav 😉

    Thanks for asking yourself the same questions that I wanted to ask you 😛

    🙂 Why don’t you come here on a short vacation then? 😉


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