Musings on Friends & Friendship

Having been something of an introvert all through school, till my class 10, I had only two or three close friends at school and I didn’t talk much with any of the others in class. Even as my friends circle slowly expanded in the years to follow, I would call 2007-2010 as the peak period in my life when I had many good acquaintances and more than a dozen close friends – friends with whom I felt comfortable being myself, friends with whom I could share anything and everything that I wanted to – with whom I was in constant touch.

For no particular reason whatsoever, today am not in regular touch or am completely out of touch with most of them.

It was in 2010/11 that a whole lot of change happened – many of them went onsite or on sabbatical or quit the company or busy with work and even friends outside work got busy with other things. And there were some who simply stopped being in touch suddenly! After the initial phase of regular mails and calls, slowly the number of calls/mails reduced. Even the occasional online chats didn’t go beyond a few minutes.
It has been such a long time since I even mailed/pinged some of them & vice versa, that even when I rarely see them online now, I wonder if I should even start a conversation. Maybe they are thinking the same too?

I do know that many go through this phase and thus is life, but still felt like writing about this today.

3 thoughts on “Musings on Friends & Friendship

  1. LG

    I believe that is called “growing up”. My life centered around friends before I was 30. A decade since, I am in touch with two of them, and both I’ve known since kindergarten. I realize now that the 2 I am in touch with are all that mattered to me through the years.


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