Pacchai Nirame – Happiness!


Listening to Pacchai Nirame on a loop, after a long, long time, I realize yet again that

  • despite the years that have passed by, the song still sounds as fresh as it did the very first time I listened to it!
  • the happiness oozing out of it still continues to rub off on me and makes me feel so very happy!
  • its music is as vibrant and cheerful as the colours portrayed in its picturization and lyrics!
  • every time I am in awe of the rich colours of nature, it is this beautiful song that will come to my mind first!
  • this is a song to turn to for celebrating those simple, boundless joyful moments of life, for, after all, wasn’t this song created to portray that simple happiness evoked by getting a smile from the lady the man is attracted to?
  • this is THE song which makes me forget everything else and brings back nostalgic memories after memories which are ALL happy ones!
  • this is THE song which makes me feel like the awestruck teenager that I was who went gaga over Alaipayuthey, Rahman, Mani Ratnam and the very handsome Madhavan 😉
  • this is one unique song by Rahman which doesn’t have similarities with any other song
  • I can never have enough of writing about Alaipayuthey and everything associated with it
  • the song and its movie have so many memorable blog memories too associated with them
  • it will always remain THE most special song!

One thought on “Pacchai Nirame – Happiness!


    Dear Aparnaji,

    Name is Arun I am from Kerala .Astute Rahmaniac .Well my search ended here for Allaipayuthe Stills if you could just give me some in your collections it would be grt. I hope I found the right person if you have it please mail me .Thanks in advance.Well if you are interested in English Music I can suggest a Man Bono rather a Band U2 try it out it is not like this generations R&B music Dont expect JB,MC,Riahnna or Akon they are nothing infront of them .Start with “With or with out you”,”One” etc spirituality ,love,life ,values & every thing they have in there song what this generation lacks .The saying is true if you want pearls go deep down the ocean these are one among them the Biggest Band in the World.

    Thanks and Regards



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