Shreya Ghoshal’s Aaromale

I had totally forgotten all about this song and suddenly remembered it yesterday when listening to Sanjay’s Bhageshri RTP.  

AaromaleBhageshri, Shreya Ghoshal’s voice, the soothing instrumental background – takes my memories back in time. Back when it offered solace in times of gloom. Back when it simply pulled me into it totally that in those moments when I was listening to this song, it was just music and me and everything else was forgotten. Back when I discovered yet another facet of the raaga Bhageshri. Back when this was the only song that I kept listening to for hours together. Back when there were less confusions in life. Back when every moment of Bhageshri, Shreya’s voice and the soft instruments vying with each other to create an aura so beautiful seemed to effuse an eternal musical bliss and calmness.

Today when I listen to it after several months or maybe even a year, this beautiful Bhageshri piece sounds only more beautiful. More soulful. More soothing. Its effect on me still remains the same, though I am happy to say that there is no gloom around me now.

I wonder how I had even forgotten it all these days!

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