On December 26th, 2016, I started writing the words “The hands itch to write about the wonderful vacation that I have been having the last few weeks – a vacation filled with several trips, a couple of Sanjay’s kutcheris, shopping,” As usual, I never got around to writing beyond this – call it lack of time or lack of motivation or just plain writer’s block!

Then, things took an about turn and suddenly, this vacation became too tiring. However, I will always continue to cherish the best parts of this vacation.

Happy New Year!

Wishing you all a very happy new year!

Well, I do belong to the category which says what’s the big deal in a new year, you can start afresh any time you want to, you can start working on a resolution, personal or professional, at any point of time you want to and need not really wait for the date to change to begin something new. But, today, at this juncture of my life, the start of the new year has just coincided with several of new beginnings in my life – the much-awaited impending move to another house in Singapore, the start of a new school for my daughter, adapting myself to the new neighbourhood and several other personal goals. I welcome 2017 with open arms and more importantly, an open mind, all set to embrace the new beginnings it is going to bring with it. Here’s wishing it is filled with more positives than negatives!


Along comes a song like a whiff of fresh air – literally, since the music and lyrics make you feel as though you are the one who is on that fast, carefree, breezy drive having the time of your life!

வாழ்வில் ஒரு பயணம் இது

Seriously! One just doesn’t want either the music or the lovely voices and words to stop! Ever! Wish the song would just go on and on! I just love the way the word ‘viduveno’ is sung.

The lazy, leisurely pace at which the song starts doesn’t give you a clue on what’s in store as the song progresses. The song opens with the chirping of bird, distant and near, which again appears prominently when Shashaa sings

பறவை போலாகினேன் போலாகினேன் இன்று…

Apt, isn’t it?

Who would have thought that the charanam of the beautiful Valachi varnam replete with all the classical Carnatic musical accompaniments and my personal favourite Shri raagam chittaiswarams in it could so easily blend with a song like this! And did we foresee Arunagirinathar’s ‘Mutthaitharu’ on a foot-tapping instrumental making an appearance either? Wow! And not to forget the ‘Ninnu Kori’ replete with all the brighas that just pulls you even deeper into the song. Just love the blending of so many musical forms together!

முன்னும் இது போலே புது
கண்டேன் என சொல்லும்படி
இன்னும் எதிர் காலத்திலும்

Lilting words that speak of the wonderful aspects of life, the most memorable and cherishable phases of life. Shashaa’s voice oozes with the perfect emotion needed for these words.

On the personal front, this song is a perfect cocktail of my own musical taste and preferences. It has been having me humming Valachi varnam non-stop the last few days, especially the Shri raaga swarams which is probably my most favourite part of all the varnams. This song made me realize that it has been ages since I last sang it – one of my most favourite varnams to sing. This song has made me get in touch with the old-me. I just had to come out of hibernation to write about the experience of ‘Rasaali’ here. I have been listening to this song non-stop for more than a couple of hours now and I still can’t have enough of it! Only you, Rahman, can connect with your fans this way!

– A crazy Rahmaniac lost completely in the music of A R Rahman!

Enjoying Rahman’s music with Gen-Next!

Nowadays, the best unwinding moments during the day are when my children and I together enjoy the music of A. R. Rahman! 🙂 When my 1-year old son (As cliched as it may sound, I still can’t believe he has already turned one! Time flies!) who is busy playing with his toys, read spoons, cups, wires, paper 😉 , suddenly forgets everything and starts dancing the moment a foot-tapping beat starts appearing in parandhu sella vaa! When my daughter keeps singing moozhgaadhe shippe friendship dhaan! 🙂 When both of them who had been fighting for the same toy forget it and start dancing away to the music of ARR!

My mind does go back to those good old days when my sister and I, back when we were kids, used to listen to Gopala Gopala, Chikku Bukku, Chinna Chinna Aasai, Pudhu vellai  mazhai, Kucchi Kucchi Rakkama, Andha Arabic kadaloram on a cassette….

For old times sake

Sitting in front of the laptop at 4 in the morning with a cup of coffee in hand, here I am pondering over life, the upcoming trip to Madras and above all, the frustration at my Masters degree just not getting completed! Instead of getting the PPT to be prepared out of the way or trying to accomplish that dream of completing all the routine cooking-washing-hanging/folding-clothes before 7 in the morning at least once, I suddenly felt this urge to write something here. Just for the sake of those good old days.

I remember how much I used to enjoy putting my thoughts into words, interacting with the readers (Ah those initial days of eagerly waiting for comments for every post!), blog hopping all the time hoping to find yet another interesting blog. I remember how much of a good diversion blogging was during some of the frustrating moments of life.

Today I hardly see any of the blogs which were active back then still being active. Is it because, just like me, they too have had a shift of priorities in life and don’t find the time or the mood to write anything or have they just plain lost interest in blogging in itself?


A mother of two

Hey my dear forgotten blog! Every time I listen to the songs and the addictive BGM of OK Kanmani, my hands itch to type a post here. But, as always, that seems to be the least-priority task to me. Life has seen so many changes since I last wrote here, guess when, more than a year back! Did I tell you that I now have a 5-month old son? I spent the first half of this year in Madras and have been back in Singapore since July.

It is a tired and crazy life here having to take care of and play with both the children, do all the routine household chores and above all, try to find the time to work on my thesis, the completion of which would mark the completion of my Masters degree. On most days, I just don’t find the time or energy to sit and study. How wish I had studied back in those carefree days instead of whiling away the time blogging and reading blogs. 😉

It is a life full of deadlines now, having to cook before the daughter becomes hungry, getting her ready to leave for school on time, wash and get the little son’s clothes dry on time before he runs out of nappies, finish as much work as possible before the little one wakes up from his nap, keep the daughter engaged with something till the little one wakes up lest she disturbs his sleep and so on….and above all, that important deadline of my thesis!

But, at the end of the day, when I see the two beautiful little ones smiling, I feel so happy and blessed.

I’ve already spent way too much time than I can afford on this post. See you later, hopefully, sometime soon, my blog!

Rahman’s ‘Never Give Up’!

This track from the movie ‘Million Dollar Arm’ couldn’t have been given a more apt name than this! This track of just 2 minutes and 21 seconds duration has so much music and emotion going on in it.

To me, the first minute symbolizes that internal contemplation and conversation which one goes through while mulling over a lot of things in life, the complexities and the uncertainties. And then as the tempo builds gradually and explodes at that 1:14th minute, its as though the mind has freed itself, broken free from the complexities and crossed over all the obstacles and has embraced the ‘Never Give up’ attitude!  From then on, even as things are only improving and it is only happiness knocking at the doors as depicted by the music, after that 1:39th minute, it is just happiness after happiness, celebration after celebration and success after success,  as the happy, happy music very aptly symbolizes! This song is just pure vintage Rahman’s music and has an immense motivating factor in it!  


That awesome feeling which you get when you listen to music on your earphones after 7 long months! The blissful moments when it is just you and music with all the sounds of the external world completely blocked! Experiencing music – the most joyous and therapeutic thing in the world – is indeed the greatest motivator to me to get a lot of things done in a jiffy.