Kadhal Sadugudu & Alaipayuthey

With this song, Mani Ratnam shows he needs neither exotic locales having nature’s beauty in abundance (Pacchai Nirame) nor a fort (Snehidhane) nor a festive atmosphere (Yaaro Yaarodi) and with just brick and cement (and not to forget those yellow and white bed spreads) as a backdrop, he can create stunning visuals too.


The song itself is one-of-a-kind song from Rahman. I like S.P.B.Charan’s singing and the piano in this song. alaiye siRRalaye karai vandhu vandhu poagum alaiye, ennai thoduvai medhuvai padarvai enRal – The flow of words in the second line, sung as though in sync with the way a wave moves, sounds perfect.

It wasn’t Kadhal Sadugudu alone that had just the house under construction as the backdrop for the song. The full video of the song Alaipayuthey, which was not there in the movie, is also shot in the same house. I am still in search of the full video and I am still blaming myself for not recording it when it was shown on Vijay TV every single day for quite a few weeks after the movie got released. 🙁

The scene shifts from the function at Madhavan’s house to Shalini’s house where she is with her family at the dining table (I don’t remember watching this scene. But my sister remembers it) and then it shifts to Madhavan’s house where Shalini sings this song to Madhavan.

This still is a part of that video:


Writing about this makes me wish for the nth time that I could watch this video at least once more. 🙁 If anybody has it, pleeease do share!

6 thoughts on “Kadhal Sadugudu & Alaipayuthey

  1. PrasadC

    Miss, I couldn’t find the video myself. But please let us know if you find the complete video.

  2. Shalu

    Alaipayuthey… despite the years and the hundreds of movies released since then – is an epic in the South Indian film industry. Mani Sir is in a league of his own. I wonder, if any other Tamil movie would ever be able to compete with this one… My all time favourite. :-)))))

  3. A-kay

    I found your blog today and read all your posts on Alaipayuthey – easily one of my favorite movies of all time (and as luck would have it, my husband’s name is the combo of the two lead male characters 🙂 ).

    Coming to the Kaadhal sadugudu song , I thought on screen they capture in action the lyrics in Snehidane song that she promises (like undhan sattai naanum potu alaiven, nee kulikaiyil naanum konjam nanaiven)) – not sure if it was just me, but I always thought it was Mani’s touch to show that they do things together as they promised each other, when they lived separately. Or may be, I am just reading too much into the song picturization 🙂

  4. Aparna

    Welcome to my blog! I wasn’t asking for the video of Kadhal Sadugudu

    Welcome to my blog! Wow! I never thought of that 🙂


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