Raavan Theatrical Trailer

Isn’t this newly released trailer intriguing? Don’t the sun rays filtered through the trees in the shot where Abhishek & Aishwarya are going on a boat look surreal? The music at 0:24 in this trailer reminds me of the BGM in Roja for the scenes featuring the terrorists. As I read the line ‘The bond between the hunter and the hunted – between the captor and the captive’ in the ‘Director’s note’ in the website of Raavan, I immediately started thinking about how Mani Ratnam has already shown a bond between the captor and the captive in Roja too. Anyway, the trailers are making the wait for the movie release seem longer by the day!

3 thoughts on “Raavan Theatrical Trailer

  1. Shakthy

    needless to say that iam one of the diehard fan of mani sir. someone who is glued to his movie all thru. but iam here jus to share one of my concern offlate with his movie… his music to be very specific… main reason being his idea of bilingual.. killing the songs and the casuality being the tamil songs and not the hindi version. movie wise it doesnt affect much but everytime the concentration is on the hindi music and tat the tamil version of the same is jus the dubbed version of it and inturn kiiling the lyrics and by tat the whole flavour of the song itself. for someone who listens to both versions of it cud easily say its the tamil words tat is being ended on the deficit side inroder to be fitted to the hindi tune. for the first time listener in tamil it may seem like yet an other experiment in music of arr and mani but the truth being lyrics compromised to keep up with the hindi counterpart. though it cant be generalised in all the cases.. say few of the songs in uyire and ayutha ezhuthu did came up good but then of the 5 or 6 songs in the movie, only 1 or 2 end up that way.. atleast he can try up with two different audio tracks atleast from hereon to keep the tamil flavour in the words and also the lyrics… if any doubt… do listen to songs from kannathil muthamittal or even an iruvar for that matter… mani sir.. wish you heard tat…

  2. Someone

    Shakthy seems to have too much emotions to the language. Both Iruvar and Kannathil Muttamittal are commercially failure movies, even though they were top notch movies. Mani is not running a charity to entertain his minority tamil audience. I think bilingual movies is less risky for him. I really appreciate his efforts to maintain his roots by producing or dubbing his movies in Tamil as well. Thanks Mani for all your effort!


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