The name, the font

The name itself is one among the numerous things about Alaipayuthey that instantly fascinated me. I really wish I could know what made Mani Ratnam give it a title like this and if he had any other names in his mind.

There was this programme telecast on Sun TV on the 14th of April, 2000 in which Madhavan, Shalini & Swarnamalya spoke about the movie. I remember Swarnamalya saying how much she liked the name of the movie. Seems she came to know the name only after hearing the story.


It wasn’t just the name alone. I liked the font in which it was written too. As the first few minutes of the movie alternates between Madhavan on a bike and the titles of the movie, the titles in that nice font in white colour on a black background looks good too. Even though I later saw quite a few movies using this font, I’ll always associate this font only with Alaipayuthey.

2 thoughts on “The name, the font

  1. Anupriya

    True….. Very true
    See the power n magic of the movie… we speak abt it even after decades as it is yet to be released.. .jus as suda chuda 🙂

    Hari… Mebbe we can name it Alaipayuthey font..
    Even dumdumdum had the same font n same style of title card in the movie


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