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Cold, Cough, Clumsy and all that

Cold, cough, clumsy and all that

6 days into the new year and a week since I came back to Singapore, I am yet to get back to normal.

The cold and cough which all of us at home became down with early in December has still not gone. Add to it a clumsy act of mine of hitting my face in full force on the arm rest of the flight seat. Yes unbelievable things like these often keep happening to me. The pain subsided in a few days only to be back in full force after getting hurt again in the same place. The nagging pain is making it difficult to show complete patience while dealing with the crying or tantrums of my children as well as while carrying on with the routine household chores.

The weather in Singapore isn’t helping either. With no sign of the usual scorching sun and with only cloudy/rainy weather being prevalent and not to forget the musty smell of the wet clothes that refuse to fully get dried up, only more dullness prevails.

As always, I am hating how even something as common as a cough and cold prevents me from carrying on my routine unhindered. Here’s hoping that better times will come soon.

Meanwhile, the son has started going to school and so far, it has been good. And now there’s one more school bag to pack, one more uniform to be kept ready, one more small lunch box to pack and one more school almanac to check everyday. And more friends and acquaintances in the making too maybe.

Adieu, 2017!

As the year is about to end in another fifteen minutes in Singapore and in another 2 hrs 45 minutes in India, I suddenly get this urge to write about how this year has been to me.

The year began with me waiting at the Madras airport with my sleep-deprived children to board a Scoot airlines flight to Singapore which got delayed by 4 hours! I am happy to say that I didn’t have to face any more flight delays the rest of this year.

The first ten days had us packing up everything from the apartment in Kampong Glam/Little India/Rochor and moving to Hougang. This was a very welcome change for us and we have been happy in this new place so far.

My daughter joined a new school, graduated from Kindergarten (Is a Kindergarten Graduation really needed???) and started her journey of primary school this year. .

The year saw my son moving to talking in full sentences, all completely oozing out mazhalai. The year also saw him becoming more and more naughty. My son will start his school in two days from now.

This year too had me ponder deeply about my life, my lost career, others’ opinions on being a SAHM, etc. A big milestone was reviving this blog this year.

Adieu, 2017!


Yet another trip to Madras got over. As always, I landed with a long list of things to do like meeting some old friends, visiting some of my favourite places, going on a long drive, etc. But do you know that there is only so much that you can do when what you really seem to want is to have a recap of your erstwhile daily life in Madras?!

The Vacation Ends….

Sitting inside the aeroplane waiting for it to take off, here I am, thinking back to how, as always, there is that feeling of not having had enough time at home, in Madras. Four hours away from now, the home in Singapore beckons. There will be chores to be done and unpacking and sorting/arranging of all the loads of luggages that I am now carrying with me. The next couple of days are going to be crazy days.

Train Journeys

I have always loved travelling by train during day time since I can happily vEDikkai pAtthufy. From Madras to Mayavaram as the landscape changes from concrete jungle and dirty, smelly rivers like Cooum and Adyar to hillocks, hills, lakes including the huge Chengalpet lake and almost-dry rivers like Paalar to lush green fields and canals with the fields and water bodies inhabitated by cranes, storks and the like and cows and goats happily grazing in the open pastures, it has always been a nice, beautiful journey. The familiarity of the scenes and landscapes feel comforting to me.

Every time I take a train having overhead stretch in Singapore, it is this Madras to Mayavaram route that I remember. The views from MRT in Singapore predominantly comprise only of HDB apartments, private Condominiums and malls barring a few companies/offices. Cut back to the train journey in our vast country – isn’t it filled with nature’s beauty?

I also remember the train journeys in Europe – in the Belgium, Paris, Luxembourg regions. The countryside or so I think it was, were all very, very beautiful with nice independent houses having backyards with horses, gardens and slides and swings for the kids of the house. The cool weather further added to the beauty.

Side-lower Berth & Day Time Train Journey

There was a time when I, as a child, wanted to travel by day train, Chozhan Express to Mayiladuthurai/Mayavaram and my mother used to say what a hassle it was to travel with kids during daytime along with, not to forget, packing food for the entire day.

Today, as I am now travelling by Chozhan Express, that too on a side lower berth simply because my daughter wanted to, I think back to how the very thought of day time travel felt tiring to me initially. Life comes a full circle indeed.

The Vacation Rant

Sitting at the ophthalmologist waiting for my turn, I tell myself that I just should not launch off on that endless rant about how the last few trips to Madras became ones filled with way too many doctor appointments. Yes, I am grateful for the fact that these were all only for routine check-ups, speech therapy sessions and some dental procedures including surgical tooth removals. But I hate the fact that I have to wait for that trip to India to get everything from a routine eye check-up to a dental filling done. I see a lot of NRIs have all these eye doctor and dentist appointments as part of their India trip itinerary. No, I am not launching off on another rant about my preference for India or Madras. But all I crave for right now is for at least the next trip being one just for spending full-time with my parents and sister with no doctor visits or interruptions whatsoever. Maybe next year, just for that I should book a ticket at a short notice and come and enjoy for at least a week.

The Share Auto Woes

Come to think of it, I have always hated travelling by share autos. Right from my college days when the share autos started becoming popular, it was never my preferred mode of transport since it meant sitting squeezed next to strangers. Later on, with the introduction of those white Tata Magic share autos, there was a lot more space, the vehicles themselves were in a much better condition and the rides were much more better. The few times I travelled so far were only during off-peak hours.

The last week saw me taking these share autos from Vani Mahal to T. Nagar bus stand at 6 in the evening. With autos coming every two minutes and charging only Rs. 10 for the travel, this is a great commuting option for shopping in T. Nagar without parking woes.

However, the problem arises only when 10th person wants to board the share auto. This is when everyone in the middle compartment which can accommodate only 6 persons has to move and get crushed and give space to that person. The situation further worsened during yesterday’s ride when eleventh person wanted to board the auto too!!!

I was the lone soul asking the tenth and eleventh persons why they wanted to board the share auto when it was already full and why they couldn’t wait for another two-three minutes more to board the next auto. Neither the passengers nor the driver opened their mouth leaving me wondering whom I was talking to.

I, for one, am done with travelling by share autos during peak hours.