Adieu, 2017!

As the year is about to end in another fifteen minutes in Singapore and in another 2 hrs 45 minutes in India, I suddenly get this urge to write about how this year has been to me.

The year began with me waiting at the Madras airport with my sleep-deprived children to board a Scoot airlines flight to Singapore which got delayed by 4 hours! I am happy to say that I didn’t have to face any more flight delays the rest of this year.

The first ten days had us packing up everything from the apartment in Kampong Glam/Little India/Rochor and moving to Hougang. This was a very welcome change for us and we have been happy in this new place so far.

My daughter joined a new school, graduated from Kindergarten (Is a Kindergarten Graduation really needed???) and started her journey of primary school this year. .

The year saw my son moving to talking in full sentences, all completely oozing out mazhalai. The year also saw him becoming more and more naughty. My son will start his school in two days from now.

This year too had me ponder deeply about my life, my lost career, others’ opinions on being a SAHM, etc. A big milestone was reviving this blog this year.

Adieu, 2017!

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