Cold, Cough, Clumsy and all that

Cold, cough, clumsy and all that

6 days into the new year and a week since I came back to Singapore, I am yet to get back to normal.

The cold and cough which all of us at home became down with early in December has still not gone. Add to it a clumsy act of mine of hitting my face in full force on the arm rest of the flight seat. Yes unbelievable things like these often keep happening to me. The pain subsided in a few days only to be back in full force after getting hurt again in the same place. The nagging pain is making it difficult to show complete patience while dealing with the crying or tantrums of my children as well as while carrying on with the routine household chores.

The weather in Singapore isn’t helping either. With no sign of the usual scorching sun and with only cloudy/rainy weather being prevalent and not to forget the musty smell of the wet clothes that refuse to fully get dried up, only more dullness prevails.

As always, I am hating how even something as common as a cough and cold prevents me from carrying on my routine unhindered. Here’s hoping that better times will come soon.

Meanwhile, the son has started going to school and so far, it has been good. And now there’s one more school bag to pack, one more uniform to be kept ready, one more small lunch box to pack and one more school almanac to check everyday. And more friends and acquaintances in the making too maybe.

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