When Darbari Kanada continues to haunt!!!! :)

Sanjay Subrahmanyan – Vocal
Nagai Muralidharan – Volin
Patri Satish Kumar – Mridangam
K.V.Gopalakrishnan – Khanjira

Where & When? – Narada Gana Sabha on 23rd December

Concert Duration: 2.5 hrs

Songs List:
1. sAmi ni – kEdAram
2. Ongi ulagaLanda – Arabhi – swarams at Ongi ulagaLanda
3. kAlai tUkki – yadukula kAmbhoji – Alapana
4. endu dAginAdo– tODi – Alapana; neraval & swarams at alanADu; tani Avartanam
5. pADa vENDumE – hamsanAdam
6. RTP – darbAri kAnaDA
Pallavi: govindA alarmElmangai manila vA tiruvEnkaTa – kaNDa triputa
7. paniyin vin tuLi – ?
9. mangaLam – sowrAshtram

Say kEdAram and the first thing that comes to my mind, as you might know, is Sanjay’s Ananda naTana prakAsham. Listening to Sanjay begin the concert with the kEdAram piece only made me remember it even more. 😉 kEdAram and Ongi ulagaLanda with some awesome fast-paced swarams later came one of the most beautiful Alapanais of yadukula kAmbhoji I have heard! Nagai Muralidharan’s alapana was also equally good. Taking my memory back to this post was the song that followed – kAlai tUkki. 🙂 Any song on the Dancing Lord sung by Sanjay is indeed really special!

Be it the tODi Alapana or the really unhurried rendition of the tODi kriti, endu dAginAdo, as well as the neraval and swarams for it (there weren’t much fast-paced swarams) or the darbAri kAnaDA RTP, soulful is the one word that I would associate with Sanjay’s singing of those!

I really liked the tODi alapana so much that I thought I would give this post the title as ‘When even tODi made my day! :O’ 😉 But, the moment Sanjay started the darbari kAnaDA Alapana, it was clear that we were in for something special. No words would suffice to describe the effect that the darabAri kAnaDA raagam, taanam (I have always found Nagai Muralidharan’s taanams special) and pallavi  had! It felt as though Sanjay and Nagai Muralidharan were recreating the bhAgEshri RTP (at Kalarasana last year) kind of magic! It left me totally MESMERIZED! And as was evident from the applause it received, I am sure there wouldn’t have been even a single person in the audience who didn’t find it moving!

pADa vENDumE as the filler between the main piece and RTP and the last song, paniyin tuLi, both of which have got added to my list of favourites were well rendered too and with Patri Satish Kumar and Gopalakrishnan also giving excellent accompaniment, every moment of this concert has become unforgettable.

darbAri kAnaDa was so haunting that I didn’t even feel like going for Mandolin Srinivas’ concert that I had planned on attending after this concert! It’s another fact that finally, I did reluctantly go for it. But, yeah, that darbAri kAnaDA still continues to linger in my memory so much that I don’t even feel like sleeping now!

Anyway, this really is a very special concert of this Season and yet another Sanjay’s concert that I will remember for a long time to come! By the way, tomorrow is Sanjay’s concert at Kalarasana. And, needless to say, I am EXCITED!

9 thoughts on “When Darbari Kanada continues to haunt!!!! :)

  1. R Sathyamurthy


    Looking at your interest in carnatic and knowledge, I think you are a good person to get answer for one song I am fond of and searching for years together.

    When I was about 15, my uncle was having a gramaphone (HMV I think) and he had bought some fantastic records to play in that. Baja Govindam by MS with opening commentary by Sri Rajaji was one of them. There was another record that had a song, I do not know who sang that and do not know anything else about it, except that it was Kalinga Narthanm related and had enormous amount of fast paced Jathi (something like “theem thattam thatteem thattam”). I will be very grateful if you can identify what that song is!

    Thanks in advance.

    R Sathyamurthy

  2. R.Saravanan

    Dear Aparna,

    Looks like Sanjay ir in planning to sing RTP in not so preferred ragas and yes he always tries something which is not so ordinary and I am sure that is the reason why he has such a fan following!!!

    BTW I think he will try RTP in Dwijavanthi in the next few concerts of the seasom, that’s a guess if he has not attempted it???

    Enjy the concert today and do write about it as that is the only way that people like me can even think of reliving it.

    Further R&G Boring……..Humm………………………..!That’s surprising!


  3. Aparna

    Check the blog sidebar for mail id.

    It’s Oothukkadu Venkatakavi’s Kalinga nardana tillana. Aruna Sairam sings it often.

    He has not sung RTP in Dwijavanti still. I hope he sings it too.

    Will soon write about all the concerts.

    I have never been a big fan of R&G. Who knows I might like their singing someday

  4. R Sathyamurthy


    Remember one of your earlier posts on co-incidence and my reference to you of a post I made in my blog on the same subject (http://sathyamurthy.wordpress.com/2005/11/21/incredible-coincidence/).

    Today being a holiday here in Kuwait, I tuned into Jaya TV (I had not read your reply then) and there was Aruna Sairam singing that exact song. Can you believe it?

    Man, I am hearing that almost after 25 years. It is the same song, but I think the one I heard in the record was sung by someone else. Aruna Sairam has a fabulous “Ganeer kural”.

    Reading your blog, I am getting more interested in Carnatic Vocal. I do have an interest in Carnatic and have a good collection of carnatic instrumental. But, I am turning to vocal only now.

    Thank you for the reply and I cherish the co-incidence.

    Best Regards
    R Sathyamurthy

  5. nr

    Just got the CD from sharsur of this concert. wow, the Darbari Kanada RTP is riveting, heard multiple times. Sanjay has sung dwijavanthi RTP in USA, i have not heard it, read in his blog once. not sure if he sang in chennai yet. i would love to hear his RTP on vakulabharanam, which he has in his padmanabha CD

  6. Aparna

    That Darbari Kanada was indeed unforgettable! Am sure you won’t get tired of listening to it ever 🙂 He hasn’t yet sung Dwijavanti RTP here. But he did sing it as main in one of the concerts.

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