Two days to go!

If you thought this countdown is for yet another Sanjay’s or a T.M.Krishna’s concert or the release of an ARR’s album or something related to Mani Ratnam’s movies, you are wrong. If you are one of those long-term readers of this blog and are smirking thinking that this is going to be one of those once-upon-a-time-frequently-posted cryptic posts where till the end I never revealed what or whom I was writing about(I miss writing posts like that! They were good stress-busters indeed!), then you are wrong too.

This countdown is for something that is going to bring a big change in my life. The moment I say change, I know the direction some of your thoughts will immediately turn to and yes, for once, you are right. I am getting married on March 24th! It is yet to really sink in that I am now about begin a new chapter in my life with a new family, new relationships and a lot more changes!

There are a lot of things that I want to write about the wedding preparations, the loads of shopping that I have been doing for the last few months and lots more. Bidding adieu to you all till I get back with all that in a few weeks time!

26 thoughts on “Two days to go!

  1. Vinayak

    I don’t know you personally but have enjoyed your blogposts a lot. A common link between us being love of music – primarily ARR 😉

    Congratulations and Best of luck for your future.

  2. Sowmya

    Congrats, good luck and loads of good vibes to u 🙂 Wud be nice if u can share some pics and more abt ur shopping too 🙂

  3. Appy

    Many many congratulations and all the very best for the “bumpy” ride ahead!! 🙂

    And yes.. Welcome to the club!!

  4. Pushpa

    used to read ur blogs often and here is my first writing for u…..

    Congrats aparna…have a wonderful life ahead 🙂 awaiting for the writing abt ur shopping, it wud b interestin and useful to us in future 😛


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