Blissful moments of Rahman’s music!

I recently had to take up some certification. Which meant there was quite a bit of studying to do and that meant what else but having Rahman’s songs for company! The best part about studying for exams for the last several years has been experiencing not just the beauty, but also the motivating power of Rahman’s music! As I listened to song after song uninterrupted, as always, I was transported to that blissful, magical state which only Rahman’s music does and which you can only experience & not describe ever!

As I experienced

  • how listening to Mangalyam can still recreate the visuals of the song on my mind and bring a punnagai on my face, even as I continue to be in awe of how perfectly the visuals, the music and the lyrics match each other and how aptly the line ‘enRenRum punnagai muDivillA punnagai‘ describes the moment,
  • how not just through music, but even through his singing, Rahman brings out the emotions very beautifully by listening to the feel with which Rahman expresses a man’s longing for his lady love in the lines ‘naan inge neeyum ange indha tanimayil nimishangaL varushamaanadEno, vaan inge neelam ange indha uvamaikku iruvarum viLakkam aanadeno’ in New York Nagaram and a man’s longing for his mother in the lines ‘yahaan sab kucch hai maa phir bhi lage bin tere mujhko akela’ in Lukka Chuppi,
  • how the soft melody of Tu Bin Bataye never fails to melt my heart every time I listen to it and how not just the lyrics, but Madhushree’s and Naresh’s humming and ‘laa laa la la’ too are equally so very romantic,
  • how even the dull tones of a telephone can be used aptly in the background and can be made enjoyable too in the song Hello Hello,
  • how just a word ‘Hosanna’, a line like ‘yaen idhayam uDaitthaai norungave’ sung with so much feel by Vijay Prakash, some haunting interludes in the form of female vocals and instrumentals, rap and foot-tapping beats can all be in the same song and create a whole range of emotions,
  • the effect of Thee Thee, the beats, flute and the swarams ‘ma pa ni sa ri sa’ of which always energizes you,
  • the soulful music of Anbe Idhu from Rhythm,
  • the song becoming more and more beautiful by the minute right from the transition from a beautiful humming to the lines ‘I’ve Been Waiting..’ to the alternating English and Hindi lyrics ‘Hold me closer, closer, closer to you, itne paas ke main ban jaaon teri khushboo’ sung with so much feel by Vijay Yesudass to the soft instrumental interludes,
  • happiness unlimited in the beats of Hey Goodbye Nanba, especially, the first interlude having Sunitha Sarathy’s & Lucky Ali’s humming which makes you too want to play mock drums just like how Trisha does in the visuals 😉
  • how a simple melody can become so very soulful in Sukhwinder Singh singing of ‘sayyaan ji ne meri’ with simple soft beats in the background in Bangri Marori,
  • how the interlude at 2:15 transforms slowly to a happier tone and then music & lyrics flow together creating the happiness one feels when in awe of nature’s beauty in the lines ‘kaaTroDu moongil kaaDu enna pesudho, maNNoDu vizhugira aruvi enna solludho.…pul veLiyil oru vaanavil vizhundhadhu adho adho adho adho ange ayyayyo vaanavil illai vaNNa chiragugaLo avai vaNNa chiragugaLo’ in Thirakkadha kaattu kuLLe,
  • in Suzanne’s soul-stirring vocals in Hosanna and in Latika’s Theme, how just a humming can move you,

I was so happy and proud yet again that I am fortunate enough to be able to enjoy and, more importantly, experience the music of A.R.Rahman! And today when Rahman’s music is getting worldwide recognition and more and more people are enjoying his music, it does increase the happiness. yaam peRRa inbam peruga ivvayagamum!

14 thoughts on “Blissful moments of Rahman’s music!

  1. Ajit

    You have exemplified the true feelings of a Rahmaniac! I share them exactly! Rahman’s music is to be experienced, not just heard. Aren’t we truly lucky to be his fans! Some people just don’t “get” what we get! What a man! What music! What an experience!!!!

  2. Sowmya

    In somewhat recent songs, the one that i am really loving is in lamhon ke daman mein, from Jodhaa akbar. this song is plain awesome. Nothing can beat it, in my current list. hope u listen to it too 🙂

  3. Krishna

    For any Rahmaniac, you just made his/her day … Always love to read such pure thoughts and expressions and the feeling others get by listening to Rahman’s songs. Best part of your post is that you just made me feel that we were sailing in the same boat. Nice post and Jai HO !! 🙂

  4. dhanasekar

    Amazing!!!! Well said one should experience his music can’t be described. I listen to different kinds of music depending upon my mood, but only his music has the power to change my mood.
    Long live ARR!!!

    Fellow ARR devotee
    -Dhanasekar S

  5. Hari

    Nice Post 🙂 First I read this in ARR group and I felt that this writing style was familiar to me…. Then I came here and felt surprised seeing the post. 🙂

  6. Uthra

    Wow! was like reading the things that i had in my mind!!
    another favorite of mine is tu hi toh meri dost hain from yuvraaj which is so so so good..and it transforms me to another world each time i hear it with my eyes closed.. ARR is simply my God when it comes to music.

  7. Bharath

    Went for the ARR concert in Singapore on Saturday – Was AWESOME! There weren’t too many “star” singers and that made it all the more exciting coz ARR sang more than half the songs

    You would be happy to know that Mani Ratnam got the maximum number of songs for a director (along with Danny Boyle)

  8. vishwanath

    hi.. i find in this post the same songs n feelings which i have felt good about… nice to know such a fan of the master exists…
    specially the feeling generated when he sings “pechellam thaalatum pola ennai uranga vaika nee illai..” its an awesome feeling… reproduces the feel of missing ur better half…

    keep writing more 🙂

  9. prk

    For those who have enjoyed M.S V, KVM, Ilayaraja ‘s music find it difficult to listen to Rehman’s music for the second time I mean repeatedly . Your views may be subjective. I think there is no discrimination in respect of music. Thank you

  10. srinin


    “The best part about studying for exams for the last several years has been experiencing not just the beauty, but also the motivating power of Rahman’s music!” How do you really manage to listen to music and study as well? I can only do either though for the apst 50 years I have off and on tried to listen to music as well as do other things but actually get to do only one of the two!

    btw, I too love Lalgudi’s music. It is absolute bliss!

    Srini N


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