The Dichotomy of Fame

I finally listened to the songs of Rockstar today! After listening to all the songs once, I can’t stop listening to ‘The Dichotomy of Fame’ now. It starts as a kind of joyous tune and then goes on to evoke a whole gamut of emotions! Blissfully melancholic and bittersweet with a haunting aura to it, it is surely a sheer beauty! Am totally moved by the musical magic created by the guitar and Shehnai! Am moved by it so much that I couldn’t stop myself from coming out of the hibernation and writing about it here. It has been more than half an hour since I started listening to it on repeat mode and I still can’t get myself to move onto the next song!

8 thoughts on “The Dichotomy of Fame

  1. Arun

    The ‘Dichotomy of Fame’ is awesome. And so is ‘Tango for Taj’ from the same album.

    I somehow like Tango more than Dichotomy, may be because it has got a pathos feel to it.

  2. yash

    The music of Rockstar is so mind blowing!
    I’m absolutely in love with Nadaan Parindey it ‘s got such a great tune and the way the song changes from hard core guitar solo’s to a soft acoustic tune is beautiful
    Sadaa Haq and Tum Ho are too brilliant both evoke emotions that are tough to explain

  3. Ashutosh

    Well i am little bit confused between “the dichotomy of fame” and “Aur ho”. The whole album is mind blowing and after a long time i have heard such songs…….completely lost in them

  4. Imran

    ‘Nadaan Parindey’ is an absolutely fantastic. The beats, rythm and tune were brilliantly amazing. Listening this song evokes multiple emotions like cruising in open top ferrari in ghat sections… cruising in yacht …etc. Cant express in words, guys

  5. Harshil

    You are absolutely right. Every time I listen this song it spread peace in my mind……
    The dichotomy of fame is like where shehnai expose her sorrow and anger and the other side magical music of guitar calm her pain .I never feel this combibation of feeling anywhere in anysong ,that’s why A. R. Rahman is god of music for me !!

  6. Shaardul

    For the n th time I listened Dichotomy of Fame and thought, would there be someone who would have blogged about it.Then I found this page. Must say, excellent bit of tune reflecting the title. You can feel the Dichotomy in the tune – the fame and pomp on one side, the pain and loneliness on another. Oh man, fame is not easy after all! Isai puyal does it again, like he has done all these years! (Did I say I love Kun Faya Kun too?)


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