Belated Birthday Wishes, My Blog!

As I saw the date on the calendar on 16th November, it struck me that I was completing 5 years of blogging on that day and I should definitely write a post to at least celebrate the day. But the combination of laziness + tiredness + lack of motivation which I have been plagued with for the past several months won over once again and thus I let the day pass by quietly only to be weighed down by worries of where on earth the passion for writing/blogging has got lost! Will I be able to bring back the good old days of yore? As I now see these lines filling up the page without me thinking for even a moment as to what exactly should I write about, I heave a sigh of relief that all is not lost and someday, hopefully maybe right away, I will be able to resume regular blogging.

8 thoughts on “Belated Birthday Wishes, My Blog!

  1. puranjoy

    yeah, happy birthday bloggy. losing a passion for writing/blogging is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as it’s substituted with a passion for something else. i guess the important thing is to be passionate, about something or the other. how are you doing on that front? and talking about blogging, know what? i think i am going to start over again!

  2. Kalyan

    Belated birthday wishes to your blog. Congrats on completing 5 years of blogging which is quite a milestone. Hope you will write more in the years to come.

  3. Aparna

    Thank you! Belated birthday wishes to your blog too!

    Thank you. What you say is true. Passion for other things still remains intact.

    Looks like you haven’t started again. I am waiting for ‘Episode VII – Return of the Blogger’!

    Thank you

  4. Vijay Sampath


    You’ve a great blog. Lot of (good) posts. Don’t stop blogging.
    Even i was also blogging long ago. I was a bit lethargic and stopped writing regulary.
    But these days i come across funny things which i consider blog-postable and resumed writing afresh. So don’t stop. Have a medium to write for the world. Naanga laam padippom la.. 🙂

  5. Vineeth

    Belaaated Wishes to your blog…..!

    I have read your posts about Manirathnam and I have realised that there is very little or no mention of Geethanjali (Dubbed as Idayathey Thirudathey in tamil).I do not know your feelings toward this film but whatever they might be,I request you to consider writing a post about it and I can’t believe it has been 25 years(released in telugu in 1987) since this poignant,poetic masterpiece came out..!I thoroughly enjoyed your posts about Sakhi,being a huge fan of the film myself(Read it just now,4 years after you’ve written them :))


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