Sanjay’s Kartik Fine Arts Concert

On 9th December at Narada Gana Sabha (Kartik Fine Arts)

Nagai Muralidharan – Violin
Patri Satish Kumar – Mridangam
Srirangam Kannan – Morsing

Concert Duration: 2 hrs 15 min

List of Songs:
1. SaraNAgata (varNam) – katanakutUhalam – Adi
2. rE rE mAnasa – nATTai – rUpakam – swarams at rE rE
3. mundu vEnuka – darbAr – Adi – AlApana
4. murugA – sAvEri – misra cApu – AlApana; neraval at un perumai pugazhum
5. ozhukkam – kuntala varALi – AlApana
6. rAgam tAnam pallavi – cArukEsi
pallavi: cArukEsa jatAdhAra SambhO candraSekhara hE tvambhO – misra cApu
tani Avartanam
7. ADum mayilAi (viruttam) followed by kalpakAmbikai – behAg – rUpakam
8. tillAna – dwijAvanti – Adi – rAgA outline
9. nI nAma rUpamulaku – sowrASTram

This being the first concert of Sanjay this Season as well as his concert in Madras after more than a month, needless to say, I was excited and what a concert it turned out to be! The concert started about 15 min late since Sanjay was conferred the title ‘Vani Kala Sudhakara’ by Sri Thyaga Brahma Gana Sabha and that award function happened on that evening.

Sanjay’s voice, as I wrote earlier, has been in such an awesome form of late that right from the varNam itself, the concert was absolutely fantastic!

The song in nATTai, a rAgam which doesn’t feature often in Sanjay’s concerts, was new to me and I liked it very much. The nATTai swarams were amazing! All the Alapanais were too good and so were Sanjay’s rendition of all the songs. I wished the sAveri neraval had been a bit more elaborate. Sanjay’s RTPs in cArukEsi have always been mesmerizing and so was this one too!

The dwijAvanti tillAnA in the end had me humming the rAgam all the way back home. 🙂

With fine musicians like Nagai Muralidharan, Patri Satish Kumar and Srirangam Kannan (Why don’t we generally have morsing during non-Season?) accompanying Sanjay, this concert did prove to be a great curtain-raiser to the consistently amazing Sanjay’s Season’s concerts!

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