Sanjay’s Concert

Concert on 27th February at Hanuman Temple, Alamelumangapuram, Mylapore

The last thing on my mind was going for a kutcheri, but when I came to know that Sanjay’s concert was to happen at a venue which is just a 5-minute drive from home, I thought I would try listening to it for 15-20 minutes at least.

But, nowadays, Sahana is keeping all of us at home so busy and she is the only one who has got all our attention, that all of us totally forgot about the concert! I suddenly remembered about it at 7:45 pm and rushed to the temple where the concert was happening. The concert was to start at 6:15 pm and it is only a 2-hour concert there generally. So I knew that I would be there just in time for tani Avartanam. And that was exactly what happened. Sanjay was finishing Mohanam swarams and Tanjavur Murugabhoopathy started the tani.

Post tani, the concert lasted for 20 minutes and the 20 minutes turned out to be a surprise. Sanjay started singing the viruttam ‘jAnAti rAma’ in blissful Kedaragowlai. Kedaragowlai was followed by Varunapriya and another rAgam having rain in its name – Amritavarshini. You generally don’t get to hear lovely sketches of these rAgAs in the tukkada section. Trust Sanjay to make even the last part of a concert special! Jonpuri was the last rAgam of the viruttam. As he included the tune of eppo varuvAro in the Jonpuri part, the audience’s enjoyment was evident. He followed it up with the song Dasharata suta, which I don’t think I have heard before. Varadarajan’s playing matched Sanjay’s singing throughout, as always.

Sanjay then sang mAvalla kAda in Maand and concluded the concert with Mangalam.

20 min or 3 hrs, duration doesn’t matter. Sanjay’s concerts are always satisfying even if you listen to it only for a few minutes!

P.S.: Can someone who attended the concert give me the full song list? Thanks in advance!

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