Mussoorie – Reliving that Special Trip!

This was the first trip in the journey of this new chapter of my life that I began with my husband.

Day 1 (March 28th, 2011):

Flight to Delhi from Madras – Technically speaking, though this was the second time I was travelling by flight, since the first time was when I was just six months old (!!!), I can call this my first flight, can’t I? It so happened that in the last year and a half I had to frequently visit the airport for send-offs and receiving. That only made me wish all the more that I should go to the airport as a passenger sometime soon. So it was an excited-me who woke up early in the morning and got ready to catch the flight that was scheduled to leave at 8:30 am. My first flight experience doesn’t have anything extra special to write about except that I got the first aerial glimpse of my city and the capital city.

With a few hours left for our next flight to Dehradun, after getting our boarding pass, we roamed around the Delhi airport terminal 3, doing window shopping and gorging on the sweets and snacks bought from the Haldiram’s outlet there. Being a big fan of Haldiram’s products, seeing lots of sweets and snacks that are not available in Madras, I couldn’t help indulging in them.

Delhi Airport:

Just as we were all set to board the flight, we came to know that the flight to Dehradun was cancelled! Jet Airways gave an option to either go by bus to Dehradun which would involve a 10-hour long journey or to go by flight the next morning. We obviously chose the second option and ended up spending the evening in a hotel arranged by Jet Airways. The hotel was in Gurgaon amidst poorly-lit and congested roads. A walk on nearby roads showed that there was nothing nearby worth visiting.

Day 2:

Flowers outside the Delhi airport:

We reached Dehradun in the afternoon the next day. As the flight neared Dehradun, one could get a glimpse of the hills around the place.

We took a cab to go to Mussoorie which is about 60 km from the Jolly Grant airport, Dehradun. The cab cost was Rs. 1200. The uphill stretch had some nice views. The entry point to Mussoorie was the famed Mall Road, the hub of Mussoorie. From there we had to find the way to the resort where we were to stay – Dalmia Resort (Highness Heights).

Dalmia Resort:

There was absolutely nothing surrounding our resort. And except for some 5-6 staff members, there was nobody apart from us staying there either!

Our room offered stunning views of the hills and mountains and the valley below:

The best (and the only good) thing about the resort was their food. Be it the piping hot tea or their aloo parathas or the rotis and some paneer side dish which turned out to be our dinner menu everyday, everything was yummy. The funny part was since we were the only guests there, our dinner menu ended up being the staff’s too!

To be continued…

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