Request from a fellow rasika

Dear Next-Seat-Maama/Maami,
I know that you are a highly knowledgeable person as far as Classical music is concerned and you know all the songs/raagas that the musician is singing / playing. But, should that make you sing the song or the raaga alapana along with the musician? I have come to the concert to hear the artistes on the stage perform. Not to hear your voice. You may be a good singer. But, if you want to show-off your singing skills, this is not the place for you. Why is it that in almost all the concerts that I go to, I find someone like you sitting next to me/behind me? I am not able to enjoy the performance of the musician completely as your singing keeps distracting me.
– Kaadhil Panjudan,
P.S: I wrote it in this way after getting inspired by Prabhu’s writings.

5 thoughts on “Request from a fellow rasika

  1. Sathej

    Yes,some people keep on passing comments about how this Sangathi or or that Neraval could have been better.They are welcome to do their ‘expert’ reviews later,but not during the kutcheri.

  2. Ranjhith

    > – Kaadhil Panjudan,

    Hehehe! ๐Ÿ˜›

    Dear mun-seattu-maama/maami,

    Addaadaa! I guess ur next-seater-Aparna to be your grand daughter! Oru sangeethathula interest illatha persona ippadi valukkataayama kooteenduvanthu irrukeengale! See, panju vacchu yeppadi sound-proof panni irukaainnu! >:OP

    Unga karaoke-skills ahaaa, arumai! Unga maathiri aalunganaala thaan, namma pozhappe oatudhu!!

    concertil panchu virkum,

    (just a situational karpanai >:O)

  3. Aparna

    yup….passing comments is one thing but singing it along is even worse! During one concert Sanjay was singing a wonderful Karaharapriya & the lady behind me started singing her own version of the raaga ๐Ÿ™

    From when did u change ur job from a S/W engineer to panju seller? ๐Ÿ˜›


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