Global Rhythms at Saarang 2007

The show which was supposed to start at 7.00 pm started only at 8 and concluded at around 9.45.
1. Navaragamalika Varnam
Played by Carnatic musicians Embar Kannan (Violin) and U.P.Raju (Mandolin) along with Poongulam Subramaniam on the Mridangam, Ghatam S.Karthick on the Ghatam and one more person on the khanjira.
2. A piece of music named Ecstasy
Played by the same team along with musicians from the Global Rhythms.
3. Jeff Queen of Global Rhythms played some percussion instrument.
Pat Hernly from Global Rhythms who compered the whole show called the one played by Jeff as American music.
4. Raagam Taanam Pallavi in raaga Revathy
This was not like the usual RTP in Carnatic Music concerts. The ‘Konakkol’ by Pat Hernly was awesome.
5. Srinivas Krishnan sang a medley of some raagas used by A.R.Rahman in his compositions with a few words from the songs which are based on the raaga that he was singing. The songs included Lukka Chuppi (the line ‘Kya bataoon Maa’), Yeh Tara Woh Tara (the humming in the beginning of the song and the line ‘Bood Boond’), Oru Deivam Thanda Poove, Ghanan Ghanan and Mangal Mangal
6. An Italian piece of music played in Saxaphone by a member of Global Rhythms.
7. James Sparling of Global Rhythms played some percussion instrument.
8. Pat of Global Rhythms called this one as a tribute to Mridangam/Tani Avartanam. This one was amazing! The percussion artistes from Global Rhythms as well as Poongulam Subramaniam and Ghatam S.Karthick played this one.
9. Again a Carnatic music composition, Shobillu in Jaganmohini raaga.
10. A.R.Rahman’s Shakalaka Baby (Bombay Dreams’ version)
11. A.R.Rahman’s Thaiyya Thaiyya sung by Rahman’s sister Rehana and Palghat Sriram with Srinivas Krishnan also joining once in a while.
12. A.R.Rahman’s Dol Dol.

On the whole, the show was pretty good. But I somehow didn’t enjoy it that much. This is one show that made me feel I wouldn’t have missed much even if I had not attended it.

3 thoughts on “Global Rhythms at Saarang 2007

  1. Sathej

    I am disappointed with this year’s Saarang(inspite of being a student there) as it did not include even a single completely classical music program.As someone said recently,why do we have to sing pieces like Abhangs to attract people?Did Pandit Bhimsen Joshi or Tchakovsky sing Thyagaraja’s compositions?Our culture is rich enough.There was,however,a Carnatic music competition organized rather well by R.Bharathwaj.A traditional Kutcheri should have been there in such a cultural fest.
    PS : And by the way,I personally don’t appreciate ideas such as singing Shobhillu followed by Shakalaka!Surely,Thyagaraja would not have foreseen this!

  2. Aparna

    none of the pro shows r impressive in this year’s Saarang….
    btw, i wudnt mind listening to A.R.Rahman’s songs irrespective of whether it is right after a Thyagaraja krithi or not

    Thanks đŸ˜›


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