There are only few roads that don’t have potholes and during the rains, it becomes all the more difficult for the drivers of the vehicles to avoid the potholes since they will be filled with rain water and you never know the existence of a pothole unless your vehicle hits it. Apart from those commuting by roads regularly, who else will know the where the potholes are present in a road? The only people who came to my mind are the Neel Metal Fanalca (for the uninitiated, they have taken over from Onyx, the garbage disposal in Chennai) workers. They will obviously know all the potholes in a road since they clean the roads everyday. So why not give them the additional task of informing some official about the potholes present in a road and that official can in turn, get some workers to atleast do a patchwork on the potholes ASAP?

I have no clue about how the Corporation currently monitors the potholes in a road or if we can inform anyone about the potholes in a road and get them to do a patchwork on it. In case you know, then please do let me know too. This was just an idea that I got and thought I will just write it down here.

9 thoughts on “Potholes

  1. Sathej

    //I have no clue about how the Corporation currently monitors the potholes in a road//
    Do they monitor!!?
    Doing work ASAP – all these sound alien to me…
    On first reading your post, I thought you were being sarcastic…Well, we are in Chennai – I heard the Corportaion has started an SMS service to take complaints:) You can try your luck, maybe – they don’t respond even if people go in person, wonder how effective sms es will be.

  2. sreekrishnan

    Corporation officials laam enna helicopter laya erangaraanga – dont they know where potholes are ?

    Also while laying the roads there is a time by which it is suppoesed to be repaired and re laid .. that shoud be done automatically…

    more over if you see Gujarat – any tender that goes out this way – the constructor is supposed to sign a bond where he takes full responsibility of the roads for a particular period of time .. Manasiruntha maargabandhu !! [:P]

  3. puranjoy

    i have an idea. why don’t give the responsibility of maintaining the roads to neel-matal blah blah?
    the know where the potholes are, they do it themselves, get some other contractor to do it, mandatory at night.

    some sort of reward/cost/price mechanism could be worked out. based on no. of complaints about road from the people in that area, the govt can give them some money, or charge them less for whatever they are charged. whatever.

  4. Ranjhith

    How abt forming a PotHole Task Force at the PM’s office. Their job is just to fill a pothole whereever it may be & even for the n-time. Give them with electronic maps of all major cities with markings of its pot-holes. Such maps can be updated whenever a vehicle passing by a given road encounters a pothole. The pothole can be identified when the vehicle’s shock-absorber…

    Nope. It doesn’t work-out. Forget it. 🙂

    Don’t we have patrols for Road Inspection? :O

  5. Aparna

    Do they monitor!!?
    Well I don’t know
    Oh I didn’t know about the SMS service


    F e r r a r i,

    > dont they know where potholes are ?
    Even if they know, are they going to do anything about it is another question I want to ask
    >it is suppoesed to be repaired and re laid .. that shoud be done automatically…
    adhellaam dhaan yaarum paNradhillaye. Electionku munnadi mattum roads will be laid promptly.


    Idextream? 😉 There must be some patrols. But the question here is are they doing their job properly?

  6. Sami

    Adutha shankar padathukku subject kidaichachuppa !! – Holiyan – The title..who will be killing officers whom are responsible for potholes… 😉

    Pls call sujatha and shankar to read this post 😉 i guess simbu is suitable for this role 😛


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