A song that made my day!

With such a nice weather that too on a Monday morning, will anyone be in a mood to work? 😉 This was the thought in my mind since morning. That’s when I listened to Vanessa Mae’s Contradanza, thanks to Hari’s post. Amazing! It’s bound to get you hooked to it instantly! Even after an hour of listening to it, I still can’t have enough of the song! Do listen to it if you haven’t before. Will surely help drive away Monday morning blues.

10 thoughts on “A song that made my day!

  1. SK

    Hey Aparna,
    The song is great! I didnt listen to it lastnight, today morning it really blew away my Monday-morning-after-extra-long-weekend-blues! :–) Thank you!

  2. sreekrishnan

    a good one – but i am sure i have heard this in Vivaldi’s four seasons … one of the allegro part …its either Autumn or summer … not very sure !! but good one ..

    if you liked this check out Vivaldi’s four seasons .he is in the baroque period of the European classical … one of the genius of that era ..
    Mozart in the Classical era and the Beethoven a mix of both classical and romantic

    try checking some music which has got a good violin ensemble ….. mozart beethovan vivaldi to start with – they give awesome stuff !! and try [playing it inspkrs with high bass medium trble and low volume in a silent environ … Its bliss !!

  3. Aparna

    Welcome to my blog 🙂


    Oh. Will listen to that song sometime.

    That’s great! 🙂

    You should try one more time. It is really an awesome piece of music

    You had already told me about Vivaldi’s four seasons a long time back. I remembered it on Monday and listened to Vivaldi’s Allegro Spring and I liked it. I should soon listen to others that you have mentioned too….


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