How ‘brave’ can people get!

I had gone on a one-day trip to Tirunelveli yesterday with my family. After we got down at the Tirunelveli station, we saw that none of them used the staircase at the station. Since we were new to the place, we decided to follow the crowd to reach entrance/exit of the station. Everybody were crossing the railway tracks to reach the other side of the platform. The point to be noted here is they were crossing the very same railway tracks in which the train we had travelled by was waiting to get started soon and they were crossing right in front of the train.
As we were about to cross the track, the train driver honked the horn of the train! That’s when everyone started rushing to cross the tracks!! A local boy standing behind me said, ‘Akka cross paNNidlaam. Cross paNNunga!’ This, after the horns screamed! I was shocked to see some people crossing the tracks even after the train started moving! They were hardly 25 feet in front of the train! Is waiting for a max of 5 more minutes going to cost them anything? I watched the crowd crossing the tracks amazed and crossed only after the train left the station.

11 thoughts on “How ‘brave’ can people get!

  1. Sathej

    Our people never learn! This is not ‘bravery'(you have put it within quotes quite rightly). Fools rush in where angels fear to tread!

  2. Prabhu

    Akka. Cha. Aparna,
    Manytimes people who want to use the staircase dont do it as the staircase is extremely dirty and pathetically maintained!

  3. Adiya

    🙂 enna neeing a indiavilla dhaaney erukinga.. thats the goodness of india..
    no need of escalators or elevators or staircase. 🙂 chumma cross pannuinga akka.. 🙂

  4. daneel olivaw

    “There is a very fine line between bravery and foolhardiness, my dearie”–so said Cleon, the First.
    And apropos of nothing, my blog is deleted. It will come back soon. The url still exists, and I hold it yes. You are being told, because you are one half of my two readers.

  5. narayanan

    no big deal. you can see that happening in Mambalam station (walking towards Madley subway) if you arrive in early morning trains. its pure somberithanam to take the stairs and cross.

  6. Aparna


    Agreed. The same can be said about some of the subways in Madras too. The one that comes to my mind right now is the one in Mount Road near Richi Street. But, that doesn’t justify crossing the tracks just after the trains starts or is about to start!

    Yeah goodness it is!

    I see


    Ok I saw your recent post. Btw, yes I did eats lotsa Tirunelveli halwa 🙂

    I haven’t seen people crossing the tracks after the train started till now. But crossing the tracks- I have seen at Mambalam, Tamabaram, etc & sometimes crossed too.

  7. sreekrishnanv

    and thats where you create a difference …. quickly pick a person in the crowd preferably young ppl like school kids or some one

    tell them loudly that its unsafe to cross the track that way and make sure ppl around him are heard … you could say ” Ellarum corss panrantu neeyum cross panna koodathu”

    and ask them to follwo you to the overbridge … i guess that makes lot of sense ..
    i do this and stop whenever i see a red signal … and some one honks i show them the way and also show them the red signal also …

    and Children are the best person to educate and make sure they dont do that in their future !!


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