Going gaga over Sanjay’s singing!

I switched on the computer to write about Sanjay’s amazing concert yesterday in which he sang the Nattakurunji varnam and an awesome Nattakurunji RTP among other pieces. As I started typing the list of songs, I started listening to his Nattakurunji varnam on repeat mode. Lost in the magic of Nattakurunji, I stopped the typing and started listening to more of his Nattakurunji – two different recordings of Jagadeesha and Vazhi Maraitthirukkudhe. Listening to Vazhi Maraitthirukkudhe made me want to listen to Ananda natana prakasham. Listening to it on repeat mode, I started browsing through Sanjay’s recordings that I have. After listening to a beautiful RTP in Hamirkalyani, I am now listening to the brilliant Bhageshri RTP. I have not been doing anything other than listening to Sanjay’s recordings non-stop for more than 5 hours now and still yeh dil maange more! 😉 Am at a loss of words to describe the effect that Sanjay’s music has on me. Sanjay is the best! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Going gaga over Sanjay’s singing!

  1. R.Saravanan

    Dear Aparna,

    Totally agree with you.

    No office today??

    Lucky you… yeah sanjay and his music is the best way to spend time with.


  2. Sriram

    Aparna, As usual a great concert with unmatched levels of consistencies all though! Yeah… Bowli was indeed special, Nattaikurinji was moving and there was this Nagagandhari….. Loved Nagagandhari when he had sung last week in Bangalore @ SGBS were he sung a great RTP in Saveri! But the NG Alapana here made it even more special! Very very few take their music to the next undescribable level which such confidence and one of them is indeed Sanjay! We are indeed fortunate to see him at such a peak and we will witness even more as with his kind of a meticulous approach he will only get even better! So… imagine! – Sriram

  3. Aparna

    Yes! As you have rightly said, we really are very lucky that we get to hear Sanjay so often when he is in top form!

    >> he will only get even better! So… imagine!
    I cannot even imagine!! 😉

    Ever since I saw in your blog that he had sung Nagagandhari in B’lore, I was waiting so eagerly to hear it & little did I expect that I would be rewarded so soon!


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