Chat – 2

After that, it’s really a good change to chat with a friend after quite sometime and when both of you have lots to talk about like good old times and the chat ends, you are left wishing that the chat could go on for some more time!

12 thoughts on “Chat – 2

  1. vishnu

    This happens most of the time ..

    either its a Disconnection ( online chats ofcourse 😛 ) or its time crunch while catching up a guy just on the way..

  2. Sathej

    Well, very very true 🙂 What more can I say? Its really a pleasure when one catches up with a real friend after sometime.

  3. R.Saravanan

    Dear Aparna,

    It seems you are feeling very senty today…

    But those words are true esp. in case you happen to speak to someone with whom you have spent best of your time.


  4. Niyaz

    u r rite !!! but v can chat wid some special friends daily whm v hve not seen each other for umpteen hours alos 4 umpteen dayzzz!! coz once it happnd to me…now nooo more chatsss 🙁 missin them alottttttt!!!

    sorry yaar jus tellin ma exp datz it…dnt get bord of it…

    hve a gud day !!!


  5. abhi

    chatting wit frnds after long time does make people senti!!ur saying tht itself makes memories flash for people!!

  6. abhi

    you seem to be out and out ar n mani fan…ar is still gr8,mani never gets one bored except when he makes those national patriotic movies


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