Ask my parents, sister and cousins and they will all tell you that the one word that I have been constantly using ever since childhood is bored! But I have been down with real boredom only during the last few months. These days, I often get so very bored, like how I am right now! There are a dozen things to do yet I don’t feel like doing any of those. 😐 I want to do something new and really interesting so that boredom is driven away. Any suggestions?

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  1. Benly

    Get urself involved in a new hobby. Thats what i do when ever i feel like doing something new in life ;-). u can google learn a lotta interesting hobbies online. I learned clay modelling a few months back and now i have a lotta clay models decorating my house :D. I am trying my hands at aircraft building now, with the help of Indus Aviators here in Bangalore :).

    Else try some new authors, read physics or maths books. You can try any Feynman Book for that matter :).

    These are few things i do when i feel that i really have nothing good to do in life :P.

  2. Sathej

    Well, it happens sometimes. My ways of dealing with it would be –

    1) Sleeping πŸ™‚
    2) Reading a genre of books that I have never experimented with.
    3) Occupying myself with some weird job like thinking about what lies ahead!
    4) Listening to some music – some singer I haven’t listened to at all.
    5) Switching on TV and checking out BBC/Nat Ge/History/Discovery. They really have some offbeat progs at times.

    But all said and done, boredom is boredom and when it strikes, one has no interest to do anything..but then we require such boredom atleast once in a while!


  3. Vijay Ganesh

    I would say performing something sporty is the best way to drive boredom. Get on to learn tennis / badminton / swimming. Select something which you can do with least issue of accessibility.

  4. abhi

    boredom is boredom…want to dosomething new means do somethin u like or luv most.go meet old frns,go to place in chennai whr u have not been.try findin someone interestin n intelligent like urself…hope u do.

  5. Vishnu

    if you think all the above ideas didn’t click for you

    try painting .. just paint what you have in you mind..
    it would intrest you to think more and it brings back all the imagination in you .. that most of us had in our childhood..

    p.s: I tried this only during the test and model exams in colleges and it worked for me..

  6. naane

    There are 2 kinds of boredom from what I know.. 1) you have lot of time and don’t know how to kill it. 2) Its not that you have lot of time, but you are tired/bored of doing the same thing, so u don’t want to to anything.

    If it is 1), I wish I could say that:) , if it is 2), then don’t worry u have lots of company:) we all go thru such phase once in a while. In a way it helps us to pause and analyze our life and ask those big questions,” what am I up to?”, “what am I doing?” etc… which may help us to reorganize (prioritize) our life.
    Other than that, one of the ways to handle this boredom is to do things differently than what u have been doing. Not necessarily new. Sometimes, a trivial job of reorganizing your book shelf may help to get over it!!!

  7. Aparna

    Thanks for the suggestions πŸ™‚ Aircraft building? Sounds interesting! Somehow reading a Physics book seems to interest me the most right now! Let me see if I can get hold of some Physics book & start reading!

    Extended vacation that too to some new place is what I would love to do too

    Apart from 2 & 4, others don’t interest me. And I already do 2 & 4. We require boredom? I for one, don’t want boredom like that!

    Why a banana? πŸ˜•

    Sounds good but apart from playing badminton with friends during hols, sports have not been my cup of tea.

  8. Aparna

    Thanks for the links. Will check it out later.

    Hmmm. Hope I do find something new & interesting

    Let me take out the water colours and colour pencils that are lying in my cupboard and see if I can do some β€˜painting’! LOL at the P.S.!

    Glad to know that I have company.
    >> one of the ways to handle this boredom is to do things differently than what u have been doing.
    Agreed. I do that whenever I find things becoming a bit too monotonous

    enna oru idea!


  9. Sathej

    Hmm..was only suggesting. And about boredom being required, yes, it sounds odd just like that. But sometimes, I come up with such ideas!

  10. Siva

    Travel.. best thing to beat boredom….keeps you interested in learning new things in new place.. people.. culture..etc..

  11. Siva

    Thanks Aparna.. doing good… the usual ups and downs of life.. but has been good for the most part..hope all is well with you..

    it was not by wisdom that I said travel is good to beat boredom but I have been traveling a lot in the last 3 months..both on holiday and business….has been interesting to meet people from different cultures. geography travel whenever you get a chance.. one of the best things for learning a lot.. cheers…


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