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  1. Hari

    Hi AparnA!
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I have been reading your earlier posts for some time now. (Yeah! Vetti @ office). You have a neat and elegant blog I must say (just like MR movies 🙂 ) Even before meeting Mani Ratnam I was trying to establish a collection of his movies at home. So had his ‘Thalapathy’ and ‘Mouna Ragam’ (Moser Baer CD’s) and now after meeting him and reading your blog I kind of got crazy over his movies. Got ‘Nayagan’ and ‘Anjali’ (same MB cd’s) but unfortunately MB is yet to release ‘Mumbai’ ‘Iruvar’ I guess. I am yet to see ‘Iruvar’ 🙁 Hope they come out soon. Else may be I will get an original of ‘Iruvar’ Keep blogging!

  2. Hari

    Neat and elegant I said but these google ads are kind of very out of place and spoils the beauty. Just my view. By the way is it possible to really earn money using these adsense. Just curious.

  3. Aparna

    idhukooda vazhkaikku thevaiyaana book 😛

    Ok Madam will post 🙂

    Thanks! Yes it’s possible.
    DVDs/VCDs of Iruvar and Bombay were released by AP International earlier. Maybe you can buy that though it won’t be as cheap as Moser Baer.

    Yes 🙂


  4. thetalkativeman


    Recollect those days in Class 2 when there was a big race among the brats to finish the tables from 1 to 10 and then go out to play. Although I was a number cruncher, I would be the last to finish and at times, would almost be in tears as the bell wud ring before I finished writing them down. The hard work wasnt wasted as it improved my handwriting!!

    first timer…coming back for more 🙂

  5. Siva

    excellent.. you really seem to be digging out old objects – log book, old nycil powder, snake and ladder for these photographs…super effort…


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