Prasanna’s Bliss Factor

I listened to ‘Bliss Factor’ from Guitar Prasanna’s album ‘Be the Change’ for the first time only day before yesterday. I liked it in the first listening itself. But, yesterday when I listened to it again, I became totally crazy about it and listened to it continuously for about 15 times! I love Shalini’s singing in this one especially when she sings the swarams ‘R R G M P M…’. I just can’t stop myself from listening to it! Even before starting from home today morning, I listened to it for some 4 times. Those who have not listened to it, please do.

7 thoughts on “Prasanna’s Bliss Factor

  1. Aparna

    Srinivasa Krishnan,
    I am sure your ears are really gonna have a treat. Check out Prasanna’s ‘Peaceful’ album as well in case you already haven’t. It’s awesome!

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