As We Bond Over ARR’s Music

I cannot tell you how exciting it is for me when I introduce composition after composition of ARR to my children and see them too thoroughly enjoy those. With the volume on a high and the woofer on, there are those moments when there’s no room for naughtiness or tantrums and it’s just music and us. As I tap my feet and hum along softly and they both dance to the music, relaxing with Rahman‚Äôs music has almost become an everyday activity for us.

3 thoughts on “As We Bond Over ARR’s Music

  1. admin Post author

    We do include a song or two of Ilayaraja once in a while. Oh yes, there is still that generation which didn’t find Rahman’s music as fascinating as Ilayaraja’s.

  2. Sudeepti

    Rahman is very versatile, integrating and fusing modern, traditional, western, electronic and also religious music. His music is very original lyrically and also along with the tune. That’s why he is our true Idol and one of our Xpert Celebrity Idol. Check it out:


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