February Musings

This month saw me having a pretty smooth routine with the school, play and sleep schedule of my children having gotten settled into kind of a pattern.

It’s only the rushed morning routine when we leave for the school that requires a lot of change from my side.

Having forever been a punctual person, I just cannot bring myself to accept that it’s okay to be a few minutes late to school and, that, more than everything else seems to be the cause of all the rush and impatience on my part.

Talking about impatience, the chore which gets the maximum impatience from me, read dishwashing, has also seen me treating it in a better way, with my son now giving me company while I do it. The bubbles and lather of the dishwashing liquid have suddenly gotten his fascination. So even as he observes it with all his attention, he also keeps a conversation going with me.

We resumed our nice long weekend walks and I also spent a lot more time connecting with nature. I did at least the basic warm-up exercises on most of the days and did Surya Namaskaram on a few days too.

I got this rare solo 2 hours time during the day and I spent it doing temple-hopping in Little India.

If February has been pretty much smooth, March is also set to break it all. With the daughter all set to start her exams from next Monday and the school working only half a day and that too only on alternate days and, not to forget, a week each of holidays for both the kids with both those weeks not overlapping, our entire routine is going to be taken for a toss.

With the husband too being out of station for the next couple of weeks, I will be fully concentrating on keeping my cool during all the naughty acts, tantrum times and mealtime fuss.

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