Alaipayuthey – The Colours!

Watching Alaipayuthey fully last Saturday, I seriously couldn’t recollect the last time I watched it fully! It definitely has been a few years! Watching it make me feel 17 years younger, got me away from feeling like an oldie having entered into my 30s. 😉 And yes, it made my hands itch to write something about it here!

I love colours – deep, rich colours, vibrant hues, bold strokes of colours on a canvas and even dull, moody tones. Alaipayuthey is one movie which literally celebrates colours through the song ‘Pacchai Nirame‘ and through almost every single frame. It is not just Pacchai Nirame, each and every scene of which glorifies the many varied hues of colours painted naturally by nature on this wide canvas called earth and sky.


Yaaro Yarodi celebrates the typical, colourful, grand weddings of India. From the costumes to backdrop, it is just bright colours all through! Bright colours signifying the celebration and the happy beginning the couple is set to embark on.

Forget the aesthetically furnished and painted houses! When has unpainted brick and cement appeared more romantic than during ‘Kadhal Sadugudu‘? It’s more of whites, yellows, lighter shades and less of dark, bright colours in this song. The everyday sequences don’t really need special colours to show their happy facets, do they?

And then, there is Snehidhane. No more brick and cement backdrops. We have a royal fort here and matching its royal grandeur are the soft, muted lighting and the unobtrusive colours of the costumes. One of my personal favourite beautiful frame is the one made only of rich wood backdrop and the off-white colours of their costumes during ‘Sonnadhellaam pagalile purivaen‘. Just look how beautifully the colours have been brought out in the first shot below!

3 2

Who doesn’t love the colourful frame during Shakti and Karthik’s wedding?


And then there are the auspicious colours of a function in ‘Alaipayuthey‘ song:


Moving on to serious sequences, the gloomy colour tones all through be it when Shakti tells Karthik about her father not being well or when she herself is in the hospital as a patient, the lighting and colours perfectly bring through the feel of the situation.

pdvd_001-bmp madhavanshalini-in-hospital

Two important moments when Karthik and Shakti are parting ways and then reconciling too have only colours which portrays the seriousness of their emotions and feelings.

madhavanshalinitrain-bmp madhavan-shalini-bmp

As always, I can go on and on about this movie. However, I am stopping now waiting to hear from you about your favourite colours in this movie.

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