New School Uniform

As I collected my daughter’s new uniforms for her next academic year yesterday, I felt a wave of nostalgia. Of a longing for all those happy, carefree school days. Seeing the excitement on my daughter’s face while trying out her new uniforms, I remembered my own excitement. About how the summer vacations were always synonymous with getting new uniforms, getting new school books, covering them and choosing and sticking labels on each of them. And how each one of them seemed to be an important and exciting activity to both my sister and me. We both enjoyed going to school and rarely took leave. My daughter has taken after us and hates taking even a single day leave.

The smell of crisp, new clothes and new books, the excitement among the kids as each one got to find out which ‘House’ in their school they were assigned to, the cramped up room housing the new uniforms and books, the staff busy answering the queries of one parent and helping the other one get their new uniforms – the busy atmosphere always seen during these times in schools! It did bring back a lot of pleasant memories!

Back then, we never cared about new beginnings or taking a much-needed break for rejuvenating yourself for new beginnings! Starting primary school or joining a new school or the onset of holidays were just a part of life. Nobody around you kept talking about weekend or vacation plans. Nobody felt the need to document any thoughts, memories or opinions! Was there Facebook or WhatsApp back then?!

One thought on “New School Uniform

  1. Sathej

    Very nicely articulated! ‘Cramped-up room housing the books’: loved the eye for detail in nostalgia there.
    Nobody talked about weekends/vacation plans: so true! Ah those were simpler times..

    And please do not shiut down the blog!


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