You’ve Got Mail

I was telling a friend about how almost all the movies that I recently watched unfortunately turned out to be ones which I, forget about watching again, couldn’t watch even once and all I wanted to do was watch a really feel-good movie. Knowing how very few English movies I watch, she asked me to watch ‘You’ve Got Mail’. I watched the movie today and I really loved it. 🙂 It was exactly the kind of movie that I wanted to watch.

Even though I like some of the usual boy sees girl or vice versa and they fall in love with each other love stories, yet there’s something special about all those love stories where the couple meet as strangers and slowly fall in love with each other as they get to know each other through conversations. The conversations are what make movies like Jab We Met, Before Sunrise and even Mitr – My Friend my favourites. ‘You’ve got mail’ has also got added to that list now.

There were a lot of lines in this movie that I really liked including
‘Do you ever feel you become the worst version of yourself? That a Pandora’s Box of all the secret hateful parts, your arrogance, your spite, your condescension has sprung open. Someone provokes you, and instead of just smiling and moving on, you zing them. ’
‘Sometimes I wonder about my life. I lead a small life. Well, valuable, but small. And sometimes I wonder, do I do it because I like it, or because I haven’t been brave? So much of what I see reminds me of something I read in a book, when shouldn’t it be the other way around?’
‘People are always telling you that change is a good thing. But all they are really saying is that something you really didn’t want to happen at all has happened.’

I liked the book store ‘The Shop Around the Corner’ shown in this movie. Though I don’t buy many books generally, yet I have always enjoyed visiting book shops. And every time I visit a nice book shop or a boutique or watch nice shops on movies or read about some shops, I always get this thought about how great it would be if I too own a place like that. 🙂

By the way, now that you know the kind of feel-good movies I want to watch, how about suggesting some to me?

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  1. Sathish

    well aparna.. I haven’t watched much of a hollywood movie but still I would suggest you the film “A walk to remember”.. Its a kinda of movie with same genre.. Hope after watching you’ll like.. Then In Tamil if u take I will always remember 1st about “Mozhi”. I think that movie doesn’t need any review and that movie is very special to me 🙂 . Hmmm … thats it… Hey I forget saying about our Mani sir’s Mouna Raagam. It’s also my favourite movie. Hope you also know more about that movie. My recent wish is to see another new mani sir’s movie of that kind and hope he’ll take a movie like mouna raagam within another few years 🙂

  2. Whacky

    well I haven’t watch this movie 🙁
    But i guess if romance was even part of your most watched genre you should watch “The Notebook”.

    Watch it .. if you haven’t watched it till now..

    Unfortunately It was just one of the few romance movies that i watched.. Actually Romance isn’t my genre 😉

  3. PrasadC

    I like more serious movies. But one really “feel-good” but thought-provoking italian movie is
    Facing Windows (

    BitTorrent is probably the only way to get this movie in india.

    I recently saw an english movie called “The visitor”. I would recommend it too.
    “When Harry met Sally” with its witty dialogue may appeal to you. “As good as it gets” is also a very good movie.

    BTW on a side-note did you check out the songs of anandha thandavam….? I liked them.

  4. Benly

    Watch all the Tom Hanks movies, when you have time :-).

    A must watch : Cinema Paradiso. Its an Italian movie. Watch it with sub titles and I’m sure you’ll like it. Its one of my fav movies. I think you should watch all Giuseppe Tornatore movies.

    But if its Romantic Comedies that are your favs, then I’ve a seperate list altogether :P. Will mail it to you later.

  5. RK

    Tom Hanks in general is a feel-good actor. Infact, I call him Tom “Feel Good” Hanks.

    His list: Green Mile, Cast Away, Terminal and several others

    But I am not a fan of Hanks.

    Talking about feel-good, if you have not already, you MUST watch “A Good Year” starring Russell Crowe.

    Others in the list are:

    No reservations
    Because I said so

  6. sangs

    I would suggest Little Miss Sunshine. I watched it twice.And don’t mind watching it all over again and again :-).A lovely movie.

    If you want very very feeling very very good movies,I suggest you watch a Vijaykanthamultistarrer where the whole family joins hands and does the two step dance and sings a happy family song..i think it was vaanatha pola or something 😀 .Tell me how it was !!

  7. Srinath

    I agree with the other comment about tom hanks being a really good “feel good “actor 🙂 terminal was really good, you must watch that 🙂

    and just check out oceans series too. though it is not under the “guy meets gal- falls in love” genre, you will really enjoy the movie, actually all the three.

  8. Sriram

    haha – you are such a kid!there are plenty of such chickflicks – you’ll probably ‘love sleepless’ in seattle as well

  9. sangeetha

    You can Try “Music and Lyrics”- I am sure you will like it

    And even August Rush

    Dont miss Villu :). You sure will feel good about yourself for not being a part of that movie!

  10. puranjoy

    Welcome back. Obvious suggestion, “The Shop Around the Corner”. Then “An Affair to Remember”. Don’t watch “A Walk to Remember”–much sentimental, much tragic. But good tragic, like “Love Story”, not “Sholay”-tragic.
    Oh, oh! Watch “Last Chance Harvey”, the closest film to “Before Sunrise”, only with an old couple.
    If you like these, I have more!!

  11. Lava

    I would recommend you to see “The lake House” and even “Music and Lyrics” . May be you will like them.

    P.S: I hopped on to ur blog thru another friends blog! the world is very small!!!

  12. Tej

    Cheh! I had typed out a long list of unmissable foreign movies, but lost the comment.

    Anyways if there is one movie in that list you shouldn’t miss, it’s – Amelie.

  13. Shyamala

    Hey aparna,

    I read your blogs and should say its very interesting . being away from chennai reading your blogs make it very nostalgic and fantastic ,….

    with respect to this post …although a late reply … i think you should watch

    ‘As good as it gets’ starring jack nickolson … its a very nice movie and i am sure you will love it ..

    enjoy and take care


  14. Jayashree

    Nothing can beat Forrest Gump!!!!! Thats the best of tommie the goodie 🙂

    Sleepless in Seattle is another wonderful movie.

    Same combo Meg Ryan and Mr.goodie 🙂

    P.S: Sorry for such a late comment. i came across u r blog just yesterday, when i was surfing regarding margazhi raagam.

  15. Jayashree

    I just couldn’t stop with one comment, just because it was about Mr.goodie 🙂

    I just love all his movies, he is american sivaji ganesan 🙂


    Forrest gump
    Green Mile
    Cast Away
    You’ve got a mail
    Sleepless in seattle
    Road to perdition (amazing stuff)
    Saving Private Ryan
    Catch me if you can

    All are super good movies in its own ways!!! and none can beat tommie in acting 🙂 Try Watching all.

  16. Aparna

    Thanks for the list! 🙂 I have Forrest Gump & Sleepless in Seattle with me, but I am not getting time to watch those at all 🙁 Will try to watch soon


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