Who searched for this?

Who searched for ‘ar rahman is not welcome in tamilnadu’ in Google? I am asking this only because I am curious to know what made someone search for this. But, look the search results for this in Google. The top two results are Prabhu’s post for Chennai Metblogs and my posts on Rahman. So, I guess this would have made whoever searched for this, know that A.R.Rahman is indeed most welcome in Tamil Nadu. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Who searched for this?

  1. adiya

    🙂 no wonder. i guess google already indexed on a.r.r related bugged search. 🙂 ha ha

    but flip side “search” by default is a wandering phenonmen, free text based human needed thing in words formation.

    🙂 so now if they search A.R.R ur site also listed with some page ranking associated to ur based on various metrics more google 🙂

  2. ranjhith

    I guess Google sees the search strings as just a garland of words & not its scent, I mean, its intended meaning. 🙂

    To confirm, search for “Aparna rahman’s fan” & “Rahman Aparna’s fan” in Google. 😀

    Yenna thookathula comment pannuneengala? 🙂 Onnum velaingalai ayya!! 🙁

  3. Aparna

    You think so? ok!

    I know what Google does. But, the point I am trying to convey here is that whoever searched for it would have seen two Rahman fans’, who basically belong to Chennai, TN, posts praising Rahman’s music. That would have made that person understand that Rahman is welcome in TN. 😉 After all, it is his hometown as well!


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