When boredom strikes….

I don’t know why but all of a sudden, I seemed to have got bored of a lot of things. The past few days nothing failed to interest me – nothing at all! I took a book to read but that didn’t interest me! I thought of writing a blog post to keep myself occupied and I realized that I found that too boring! I heard myself saying, ‘A blog post on how good a concert was or how super a Rahman’s song is or how beautiful the sunset was? Not again!’ Adding to it, some things that really irritated me had happened and the boredom reached its peak. So what did I do to beat boredom?

I took the day off yesterday. Got up at 7 and went for a 40-minute brisk walk in Boat Club Road. Talking about morning walks, that’s a habit that I had always wanted to have but it wasn’t until a couple of months back did I start going for a walk regularly in the mornings. Coming to the question of how regular I am in going for a walk, I can’t remember the last time I went for a walk on all 7 days of a week – I keep missing out at least one or two days every week. Still I am happy that I have been pretty regular.

If there is one thing that I hate about going for a walk in the morning, it’s the dogs! I am scared of dogs! 🙁 I am not the kind who, the moment they see a dog, goes, ‘hey look how cute the dog is! How he plays with everyone he sees!’ If I see a dog on one side of the road, I move to the other side! With the areas in and around Boat Club Road being termed as posh areas, every other house has a dog and all those dogs seem to be taken out for a walk in the mornings. If I see a dog and move onto the other side of the road, I encounter a dog there too. 😐 I feel as though all the dogs out there are out on the roads the same time as I am! And it becomes all the more scary for me, the moment two or three dogs start barking at each other and that happens almost everyday! I know the dogs aren’t going to do anything to me, but I can’t help getting scared!

Coming back to what I did yesterday, after the walk, since I found my voice to be in good condition, I sang for almost an hour. After idling around for sometime, I went to a nearby shop and that’s when I remembered about something that I love doing but has been a long time since I last did it – putting Mehendi. It had been more than a year since I last put mehendi on my hands! I got a mehendi cone, came back home and switched on the computer with thoughts of browsing for sometime before putting mehendi. Tried to write a blog post but again, I got bored!

That’s when my mom gave me a small booklet that was full of mehendi designs – seems it had come along with this month’s issue of ‘Mangayar Malar’. With that mehendi book and other mehendi books that I had with me, spread out in front me, I sat confused as to which one I should try out in my hand. I finally decided on a design – I love designs that are intricate and cover the entire hand – and spent the next few hours decorating my hand. 😉

As I was about to finish it off, I switched on the TV and guess what movie was coming – Edhir neechal! Yippee! This is one movie that never fails to get me laughing. Though I watched only the last one hour or so of the movie, it was laughter unlimited. 😉 Madhu (Nagesh) being treated by everyone as though he was a king – the way Manorama and Sowcar Janaki fight with each other about whether Madhu has to drink Horlicks or not, Nagesh trying his best to make Major say ‘baDava Rascal!’ and Major denying with a naughty look, the dialogues of Pattu and Kittu during Paru’s wedding and a whole lot of scenes! I missed ‘adutthaatthu ambujatthai’ song. 🙁 A trivia about the movie told by my father – This story, both as a movie as well as a stage play had run to full houses. When this movie was a stage play, there used to be a special crowd to see Sowcar Janaki’s sarees itself. Seems she used to be wearing a different saree for every other scene and her sarees were much talked about by everyone and seeing how she quickly managed to change her sarees in between the scenes in a jiffy, people used to be in awe of her. Btw, isn’t this one of the few movies in which Sowcar Janaki doesn’t shed bucketfuls of tears? 🙂

The movie ended. Then there was a power failure. So I sat by the candle light applying the mix of lemon juice and sugar on my hand as and when the mehendi dried up. Power came back. Had dinner and lazed around for some more time. Saw my mehendi turn a nice red, mehendi hai rachne waali, haathon mein gehri laali 😉 Switched on the comp and got bored again! I opened my cupboard and my eyes fell on my college slam book. I turned the pages and read what my classmates had to say about me, reminiscing about the good old college days. Though I didn’t feel sad on the last day of the college that it had come to an end or I don’t miss my college now, I nevertheless felt it was fun. With the memories of my college days, off I went to sleep.

I am yet to come out of the boredom completely, but yesterday was a good day. And today is Friday! 😀 As I keep telling ‘TGIF!’ to everyone who would care to listen, here I am signing off wishing you all a very happy weekend. I hope to come out of boredom completely atleast during the weekend. Cya all with another blog post, hopefully soon!

24 thoughts on “When boredom strikes….

  1. F e r r a r i

    Agree with Harish. You had quite(not quiet) a day, indeed! 😛 You Sing? I don’t believe you. prove it 😛

  2. SK

    Hey Nice post! Believe me I was restless, and bored too yesterday. Only a day and I am sure I will be back to enjoying everything I set my eyes on :–)
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Girish

    Atleast you had mehendi to forget your boredom..we guys cant do that too…I go mad when I am bored to do any thing on a given day..anyways good post and nice movie to cheer you up 🙂

  4. Sathej

    Great day indeed 🙂 with singing, mehandi et all….Btw, walks and dogs – yes troublesome. I too am so scared of dogs, often face this problem when I have to return home by walk (or manage to get an auto) late night after some concert. Its terrifying with the dogs around.
    What is TGIF? And yes, have a nice weekend:)

  5. Arunk

    I was bored and was reading blogs and stumbled upon the latest post on Aparna’s blog. It seemed interesting enough to lift my boredom, but then she started talking about mehendi …. ( 😉 just kidding! Couldn’t resist that, or maybe couldn’t come up with anything else).

    Btw, count me in also in the “moving to the other side of the road on seeing a dog” club. My other-half is worse. But our daughter is the exact opposite to us – loves dogs and doesn’t mind getting close to them.

  6. vidhya

    hey you have utilized your day so well and telling that you are in boredom.. If you still bored doing all these things then my entire life is boring 😛 Anyways this boredom is only temporary for you 🙂

  7. priyaiyer

    nice post, beat my boredom away! 🙂 me too loves mehndi. in fact, just got it done last week. 🙂

    i love dogs, though! 🙂

    adhuta aathu ambujam song you’ll find on my blog. 🙂 love it…

  8. LoneStar

    Hey.. Nice blog you’ve got here… reading it feels like driving down a country road on a pleasant morning with the windows down.
    Dropped in from Ferrari’s..

    “The past few days nothing failed to interest me – nothing at all”
    Hmmm… This sentence actually means the opposite of what you are trying to say..
    Sorry couldn’t help it 🙂

  9. Arv

    yeah, we all hit that phase at times…

    I totally agree with you on that regular walking bit… its always on and off with me…

    This phase will pass… soon…

    take care…


  10. Aparna


    F e r r a r i,
    Prove paNNa mudiyadhu 😛

    Thank you 🙂 Hope you are back to enjoying everything 🙂

    You get bored of boredom too without having anything to do? 😉 Thank you 🙂

    Oh during the nights, the way some dogs run behind the vehicles scares me!
    TGIF – Thank God It’s Friday!

    LOL! Oh. Welcome to the club 😉

  11. Aparna

    If you find it before I do, please tell me too

    Welcome to my blog 🙂
    LOL but I wasn’t bored when I was doing all these things. Boredom only when I am not doing those. Yeah I know it’s temporary and I am already out of it mostly 🙂

    Thank you 🙂 That’s great! Oh will check it out on your blog


    Welcome to my blog! 🙂 Thank you!
    I see.

    Hmmm. This phase seems to already be coming to an end.

  12. Aparna

    Hey Amit, the silent spectator of war, welcome to my blog 😉 Thank you 🙂

    Hey I found out a way to beat boredom – commenting in your blog 😛 I was so busy commenting in your blog that I checked the comments in my blog only now! 🙂

  13. Saravanan

    That was a wonderful note on a boring day… I just loved the way you wrote about Sowcar Janaky in Edhir Neechal.

    That now makes me see the movie again… as you rightly said, this movie never fails to get us laugh…. how many ever times you watch it..

    Who else other than Sowcar can justify the role…

    Your whole narration was too good…

    Keep going.

  14. Siva

    Nice way to beat boredom…you do seem to have done quite a lot of things… the most important thing is boredom should not strike again.. any ideas for that ? 🙂


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