I missed the last concert of Sanjay since it was in Nanganallur – the area still seems inaccessible to me. That was a couple of weeks back. Now, I come to know that there is a Sanjay’s concert tomorrow. And I am going to miss that too. 🙁 The reason is I am going for Ghananjani – concert by Mandolin Srinivas, Zakir Hussain, Stephen Devassey and Dominque Di Piazza for Shakti Foundation. Incidentally, there is a concert of T.M.Krishna too tomorrow! There are suddenly lots to choose from! Talking about the weekend, I am going to watch Delhi 6 on Sunday. 🙂 Liked the stills from the movie. Liked the trailer. And, needless to say, love the songs! 🙂 Can’t wait to watch the movie! Then there’s Oscar on Monday. Fingers crossed! What are your plans for the weekend?

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  1. Sreekrishnan

    Friday evening show for Delhi 6 here in a place near my house … and then, All set for the sunday evening … no offshore calls , no meetings, no appointments on sunday night – everything cancelled – and hopefully our man walks with more than one !

  2. sreekrishnan

    Blogeswari: I thought it was OK in parts – but not in full. Char’s in the movie are good, but they fail in the narration and spoilt in the climax.. Rahman was fantastic and so was Rama Bua :P!

    PS: your name me dont know !

  3. Rajeev

    I wanted to know how you get a hold of Sanjay concerts. I would like to attend them too, but I cannnot find any schedule for feb or march 2009. If you can Help, it would be great

  4. Aparna

    I didn’t like the movie

    The more I think about the movie, the more I am not liking it! And I think the more you think about Rama Bua, the more you must be liking it 😛

    Neither do I know of any Sanjay’s concert happening in March. Keep checking his blog. And of course, ‘The Hindu’

  5. Rajeev

    Thanks Aparna!!! Would be nice if Sanjay would maintain a schedule blog like TM Krishna. Would be easier for me to plan the weekend better I guess. You run a great blog here. Kudos!! Keep up the good work!!

  6. Sarang

    Hey Aparna!
    Great to know that you had the privilege of listening to 5 maestros at once. I just happened to come across a short video of the Ghananjini 2009 concert and I was shaken to the core to say the least.. I am dying to listen to the whole thing, but cant find anything on youtube or any other site apart from 2 videos of just more than a minute each. Did you record the concert by any chance? If not, do you happen to know anyone who might have? Please let me know @ sarang.shahane@gmail.com.

    Thanks a ton in advance!

  7. Aparna

    Welcome to my blog!

    It was one of the memorable concerts that I have gone to! I have no idea if there’s any recording available anywhere.


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