So much has been happening lately in life that I don’t know where to start from and what to write. Ok let me start from the beginning.

I went on maternity leave in December 2011 with plans of returning to work, at least part-time, 7 or 8 months down the line. But post the end of maternity leave, the unexpected impending move to Singapore made me extend my leave by not just another 3-4 months, but one whole year. And then I went to Singapore in the end of July.

There was this constant debate at the back of my mind about whether to join back work or not. I was reluctant to try for any job there since I was apprehensive about leaving Sahana in a daycare. Then one fine day, I decided that I would join again and work for a few months in Madras before trying for a transfer to Singapore.

It only seemed natural that I come to Madras and work. Sahana would be with her grandparents and I need not really worry much about her.

So I came to Madras on March 31st and joined work on April 5th. Circumstances made me to again be on a break for a couple of weeks and finally, here I am back to the work routine from this week.

Even as I entered the office on the first day after the leave, it didn’t feel as though I had been away for so long. Despite the fact that none of my friends are here now and I am surrounded by a lot of new faces, it still remains the same old comfort zone that it was. Those acquaintances with whom I used to exchange nothing more than a smile still continue to give me that same old smile. The office campus with its greenery and chirping birds offers a great relaxing atmosphere as it always used to. It is as though the good old days are back.

And what’s more, Sahana is also getting used to being without me and more than her, I am also slowly getting used to being away from her for hours together. Let’s see how this second stint at work goes.

6 thoughts on “Updates

  1. sowmya

    Hi Aparna!!!! good to hear frm u after long….hows ur lil one? good luck with ur work….work is always refreshing, so hav e anice time.

  2. Sangeetha

    I am returning to your blog after a long time. The last time I read you wwere about to be married. You have Sahana now.

    I dont know how I feel so connected and moved when I read your blog..probably bcos I have been where you are.

    You make me smile after a long long time.

    Good Luck with everything!


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