6 thoughts on “Two Grammy Awards!

  1. sreekrishnan

    Im actually happy that he is not nomninated for oscars this time. He will have more time to work on the music than attending shows and travelling… poor guy, “our” thirst for awards and more movies has literally taken the gas out of him !

    I hope they dont call him for shows, functions and awards this year so he gets to stay home and actually work on his music !!!!

  2. Aravind K R

    i think rahman’s quality has declined over the years although am glad that rahman won these awards (to me, at least as a recognition of his earlier acheivements)

    btw i ‘ve read ur blogs for a year or so but never bothered to comment as yet 🙂

    keep up the good work!

    What do you do , i mean..apart from listening to sanjay and TMK?


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